Advanced Mental Conditioning With Auguste Marie Crenshaw

Advanced Mental Conditioning With Auguste Marie Crenshaw

Everyone has a story to tell. Yours will either empower or devour you; choose to be empowered."  Auguste Crenshaw 

Add personal experience based on childhood hardships and a derailed marriage, and professional experience in sales, and mentoring. She has fantastic people motivating skills - you get a strong woman and a business coach, Auguste Marie Crenshaw. She is our next Role Model for Women's History Month!

What makes a business coach great?

According to Auguste, there are thousands of successful business coaches out there. She immediately makes an important distinction, "It's one thing that you understand calculus, but can you teach it?" We have to agree; she has a good point. 

Every customer is different because they do a different business. Therefore, you can't treat everyone the same. A common misconception is that business coaches are like sports coaches, giving instruction, offering mentoring, and eventually telling clients what to do. Auguste strongly believes that business coaches should always support their clients and give them constructive help. In the initial stage of coaching, the business coach helps their client find out the purpose of the business and what is standing in its development. Once they find the source of the problem together, the coach helps the client identify what changes they can make to achieve the desired goal or how they can improve their business to make it a success.

"I can figure out what's going on inside your head and get you to unleash your true potential. Supernatural creativity will come to you just by recognizing who you truly are." Auguste assures that her strategy is not the average "money mindset" that comes up all the time. She works with her clients to identify and release the unconscious blocks that stand between them and their goals.

This is much more than business; this is a relationship!

Auguste's technique may seem harsh at first glance because she doesn't hold back on giving objective feedback. "For me, it always becomes personal. In the beginning, I can give you a little bit of space because you're just finding your way and overcoming some obstacles. Then I come in and obliterate every excuse you may have." Auguste delivers excellent results by finding and developing her clients' existing but not always visible skills. She believes in overcoming and conquering, which has to be raw. A coaching session is not the place for polished language and political correctness. 

After a difficult childhood and an abusive marriage, Auguste understands pain and methods to deal with it. This has made her stronger and, at the same time, a more capable teacher. Auguste often meets businesswomen similar to her former self, who discredit themselves but put all their energy into educating and mentoring others. Her strategy is to identify wishes, needs, and requirements, then create a realistic plan based on her clients' strengths. Throughout this journey, she assists her clients in finding their inner spiritual self, which is capable of anything.

Her specialty is supporting women in business through in-person or online meetings, her books on business, marriage, spirituality, and her podcast, "Real Women Don't B*tch."She is raw energy, all about action and supporting others - a true role model for us all!

Naghilia Desravines

Naghilia Desravines

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