Alyse Maslonik’s Bumpy Road to Success

Alyse Malsonik, Founder of RedefinED Advisors LLC, aims to bring a difference to society. Her company is a strategic development partner for non-public and private schools and provides financial assistance to students. As a kid, Alyse had gone through various ups and downs. She has faced multiple challenges and poverty throughout her childhood. This is why she made this her agenda and is trying to bring change to society. She has been helping students by providing them with financial assistance and scholarships.

Alyse Malsonik had merely $63 with her when she packed her bag and started her journey. Her determination and aim to bring change are what keep her going. We discovered some of the challenges she faced in her personal life and professional life during the conversation. Despite the challenges, she ensures that other children don’t meet the same. She also highlights how they get scholarships and how they provide financial assistance to students.

Alyse also talks about the obstacles and challenges she faced while setting up her own business. She also stresses how important it is for women to avoid being financially dependent on men. You will discover a lot about her professional and personal side. Listen to her to know her journey closely.

Today you’ll learn about:

  • Alyse’s personal life struggles and challenges
  • What made her kickstart this journey?
  • What were the obstacles and setbacks she faced?
  • How do they get scholarships?
  • How are they helping schools and children?
  • What are their future plans?
  • Her advice to all the young decision-makers

Key Takeaways

  • Don't ever be afraid to take a risk. You only get one shot in life
  • Remove yourself from painful surroundings if you want to move forward
  • Use your struggles as an opportunity to become better and stronger
  • Turn your negative situation into a positive one

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The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

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