Anam Raza: Female Founder of the Year (2023)

Anam Raza: Female Founder of the Year (2023)

Anam Raza stands as a paragon of dedication and innovation in the entrepreneurial world. As the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Dua Brand, Anam has transformed a vision into a thriving reality. 

Background and Rise

Anam's journey is rooted in a strong middle-class ethos, with her life initially revolving around supporting her family in Pakistan. Her foray into the business world began alongside her husband, Mahsam Raza, where she played a pivotal role in bringing his perfumery vision to life. Her academic background in business accounting, while foundational, was just a stepping stone for the larger responsibilities she would undertake in the world of entrepreneurship. 


Anam's accomplishments are marked by her strategic and operational expertise. She masterminded the setup and reorganization of the company's warehouses, significantly enhancing the efficiency of operations. Her role was crucial in the expansion of The Dua Brand, particularly in leading the wholesale division and nurturing new private label customers. Anam's hands-on approach in the initial days - from packing orders to customer interaction - laid the groundwork for the brand's customer-centric philosophy.

Philosophy and Impact

Anam's personal and professional ethos is characterized by a blend of flexibility and resilience. She advises embracing surprises and challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth and success. Her commitment to honesty and integrity not only shaped her as an individual but also as a leader within The Dua Brand. 

Beyond her professional accolades, Anam is celebrated by her family as a 'Super Woman' and a 'Super Mom'. Anam Raza's story is not just about building a successful business; it's about shaping a vision with tenacity and heart.  

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