Stephanie Renk: Career Coach of the Year (2023)

Stephanie Renk: Career Coach of the Year (2023)

Stephanie Renk, Founder and Career Coach of Next Step Career Services, is the esteemed recipient of the Career Coach of the Year award from the Female Voice Awards by WomELLE for 2023. This prestigious honor recognizes Stephanie's outstanding dedication to empowering her clients through expert career coaching and guidance. 

Career and Academic

Stephanie's life in a military family exposed her to diverse cultures and experiences, living in countries like Italy, Spain, and England. This nomadic lifestyle instilled in her adaptability and a broad worldview. In 2004, she moved to Idaho and pursued a BBA in General Business Management from Boise State University, graduating in 2009. Her career began at Veterans Upward Bound at Boise State, where she assisted veterans in transitioning to post-secondary education, marking the start of her passion for career support and development. 


Stephanie's career is marked by notable milestones such as obtaining her CPRW and CPCC certifications, with her success in the CPRW exam being a particularly proud achievement given its low pass rate. She has tracked the success of her clients diligently, finding inspiration in their accomplishments. In 2021, she became the Program Director for the CPRW Exam at PARWCC, contributing to the standardization of best practices in resume writing and career coaching. 

Philosophy and Approach

Stephanie's coaching philosophy is rooted in the belief that every experience offers a learning opportunity. This perspective was reinforced early in her career by her manager, Mark Heilman, who taught her the value of learning from mistakes. She applies this philosophy in her coaching, encouraging clients to grow from challenging situations in their workplaces.  

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