Building the Bridge from Profits to Peace

Building the Bridge from Profits to Peace

For some of you this may seem an odd concept. From my perspective, a person who has had a thriving practice helping entrepreneurs, like you, obtain and maintain a healthy relationship to money, I see it as something to pay close attention to.  Before I go further allow me to clarify that while I have a few programs that are dedicated entirely to the money relationship, for most of my work, having an excellent relationship to money is a wonderful side effect of  a much deeper dive. 

Building a bridge from profits to peace is where the true wealth lies and its mecca, or the promise land, for any independent spirit that longs to be free.  It is also elusive and destructive because there is no clear passage for any one person that is the same for the next!  

I can remember clearly sitting across from a mentor of mine who said, “I can’t tell you when you will get this”  - the answer that I was seeking at the time – “I can tell you that if you keep going, you will get it, and you will know the exact moment when you do!” And, I can remember how much I wanted to reach across that table and slap them because I wanted an answer, THE ANSWER and it wasn’t coming.  

I now know that the answer I sought at that time, with much angst I might add, was not theirs to give me.  It had to come from deep within my own soul, my own programming and it had to come in it’s own time and it’s own way. Of course they were there to guide me, thankfully, as have several coaches and mentors along the way, but I had to do the work. I had to build my own bridges step by step and brick by brick.  

The reason I refer to building this bridge from profits to peace is because most everyone at one time or another is focused pretty much exclusively on profits and with this singular focus can come a lot of uncertainty and frustration. The question I hear asked a lot around all of this is; “Why isn’t this working?” or, “What am I doing wrong?” 

And the truth is that while taking action is absolutely part of gaining ground and moving into cash flow and profits, taking action when you have no relationship to profitability, or at least not a healthy one, can be devastating. Why? Because you will do everything right, you will show up, you will read books, and work on your mindset and the brass ring will remain poised just beyond your finger tips.   

How do I know this?  Been there and done that. And, have now had the privilege of working with hundreds who can say the same thing. Perhaps you have good cash flow and maybe you are even well in the black, but somehow it’s just not enough. Maybe you are not sure how you are going to pay your mortgage or you are living without healthcare because money is a challenge.  Or, maybe your money is fine, but how your profits are ebbing away from you is through fatigue, stress, no time to spend with family or  . . . 

Ok, enough of that!  Let me give you some sound advice on how to design and build your bridge from where ever you are, to where you want to be, otherwise represented here as peace. Why? Because at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all truly long for?  

Imagine for a moment what peace actually means to you. Peace within your heart, the knowing that all is well and is going to be well.  The clarity that comes when the stress you feel is minimal and you can actually take a good deep breath. I realize this may seem impossible for some of you, but imagine it anyway and take a good deep breath. Keep breathing deeply, connecting to the possibility of peace with each inhalation and letting go of resistance, tension and all that other stuff with each exhalation until you feel your feet firmly on the ground beneath you, and the weight of your legs. This is called being grounded.  

Once you are grounded give yourself permission to simply be in this space of peace. A place that is unknown and different. Yes, it will probably feel weird, and the voices in your head will natter as loudly as you let them. Thank them and let them know you’ll deal with them later and allow them to move along.  Be in the moment with yourself.  

Understand that by doing taking this action, getting grounded and centered within yourself, you can slowly and with consistent practice begin to see a bridge. You can also begin to see all the junk in the way of building your bridge, but that’s great because once you can see it, you can do something about it. And here is where it begins, with you as the architect building a bridge that is connected emotionally, mentally and dare I say spiritually to your profitable, fully expressed, on purpose life.  

Profit is a good thing but being driven by action without alignment to your emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing is not.  Profit is a desired thing because it means that you are achieving success, but doing this and burning out because it’s way too hard, is not peace. Stressing because you don’t know how you are going to get “there” is not peace and living a cash abundance but relationship poor life, is not peace.   

Peace is possible. It’s starts in your heart. Profit that is bridged to and from peace is true wealth.  “I can’t tell you when you will get this. When your bridge will appear. But I can tell you that if you begin with connecting as I have suggested, your actions with your emotional, mental and spiritual well being, you  get there, and you will know the exact moment when you do!” 

Deborah Bishop

Deborah Bishop

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