8 Business Presentation Tools Other Than PowerPoint 

8 Business Presentation Tools Other Than PowerPoint 

One may have to make multiple business decks and presentations in the professional world. Businesses use presentations as a medium to inform, educate, and persuade audiences. A business presentation should be clear and compelling to influence the stakeholders. Companies should follow the basic principles, whether a status report, a summary presentation, or a new project details presentation.

Traditionally, businesses have been using PowerPoint to create business presentations. Though it is easy to use, few people are well-versed and know how to make appealing presentations using PowerPoint. The presentation software comes to the rescue and provides businesses with multiple features. Here, we will share a list of the best presentation tools for businesses that help create high-quality presentations in minutes.    

1. Canva 

Canva is an all-in-one design platform that has templates for all types of business and marketing collaterals. There are multiple templates, from business cards to brochures, presentations, infographics to newsletters. Businesses can use more than 100 templates and layouts to create a business presentation. Upload images or use Canva’s stock images to create a compelling and appealing presentation.

Startups and small business owners can even consider using the free version, as it has all the features. Larger organizations can consider upgrading for $12.95 per month. The Pro plan may also allow resizing and using other templates for presentations.  

2. VideoScribe  

VideoScribe is one of the best business presentation tools for creating whiteboard animations and compelling videos. One can begin with a 7-day free trial to test the efficiency of the presentation software. The platform is ideal for making quick explainers and marketing videos. It features a whiteboard and hand that allow you to place objects, insert text, and draw quickly on the platform. The software is available for $29 per user for a month. The larger teams may have to pay heavy amounts depending on the number of people who use it. The more the number of users, the higher the payment will be.   

3. Vyond  

Vyond is a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to make effective animated videos. The presentation software has more than 180 fully customizable templates. The templates are not static slide-based ones. They have multiple story-driven templates that may allow businesses to create appealing and engaging presentations. Create GIFs, videos, and animations with the help of the software. It is a presentation tool that will enable businesses and teams to work together on the same projects simultaneously. One can purchase the basic plan for $25 a month.  

4. Zoho Show  

Zoho Show is online free presentation software that allows one to create minimalistic and clutter-free presentations. The platform has multiple add-ons and animation features that may help in enhancing the presentation. The teams may have the option to collaborate and work in real time. There are 59 free templates, but one should be aware that it does not have many interactive features.  

5. Google Slides  

Google Slides is one of the most popular and widely used presentation tools by businesses worldwide. Twenty-three templates will allow a user to create simple and engaging presentations. The presentation software is like PowerPoint and does not have a lot of complex features. It is a browser-based platform compatible with all platforms, including Android, Windows, Mac, and other iOS devices. Any individual with a basic design sense can use Google Slides, and multiple people can work simultaneously. All changes are auto-saved on Google Slides, which makes it extremely easy for businesses. 

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6. Ludus  

Ludus is one of the business presentation tools, ideal for those with a design background. Non-designers may have a hard time learning the presentation software. One will not have to leave the platform to take assets from popular sites such as Giphy, Iconscout, and Unsplash. It is a browser-based platform that businesses can use in real-time to create compelling presentations. One can buy a plan for $14.99, and up to 15 people can use it. Companies with more than 16 members should contact the team to get the desired quote. 

7. Visme  

Visme is one of the most suitable presentation tools for non-designers. There are thousands of templates that businesses from different industries can use. The app also features millions of images, videos, and audio files that one can access to create unique and high-quality presentations. The free plan may only allow businesses to share their files and receive feedback from other team members. The paid version may help upgrade further and provide access to entire design libraries.

The in-built analytics system may allow seeing who edited it last and saved the presentation. The personal plan is $12.25/ month and may provide 250 MB of storage space. The Business plan is available for $24.75/ month and may provide 3 GB of storage space. Businesses with larger teams must contact the sales team for a quote.  

8. Prezi  

Prezi is one of the presentation tools that may help create engaging and non-linear presentations. The presentation software has 200+ templates that can be used in various industries. Unlike other software, the presentation will not proceed from slides A to B. It will help jump into the section that caters to the audience’s interests. The Plus Plan is $12/month, whereas the Premium Plan is $16/month.  

These tools may help create high-quality, engaging presentations for sales and marketing pitches. First, use a free trial to determine and test the platform's capabilities.  

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