Caitlin West: Advancing Chronic Pain Relief Through Alivio Technologies Inc.

Caitlin West: Advancing Chronic Pain Relief Through Alivio Technologies Inc.

Caitlin West, the visionary founder of Alivio Technologies Inc. , shares a profound connection with pain, unlike many. Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, instead of allowing her condition to dictate her life, Caitlin viewed it as a challenge to conquer. Living with the pain, she became passionate about finding affordable solutions that could offer her more mobility, flexibility, and, ultimately, relief. She has spent over a decade searching for ways to manage the daily discomfort and flare-ups caused by this chronic autoimmune disease. Now, Caitlin is driven to translate her personal struggles into purpose.   

The Pain That Sparked a Mission   

Resilience, faith and a profound commitment to family define Caitlin West . A decade ago, Caitlin's life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at the young age of 25. Psoriatic arthritis, a form of inflammatory arthritis, occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue, leading to the daily struggle of pain and limited mobility in joints and tendons. It progresses over time, often leading to permanent joint damage. Over 7.5 million adults in the U.S. are affected by psoriatic arthritis. There is no known cure.    

Caitlin's personal experience ignited a mission within her—to find affordable, non-addictive solutions that could provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation. She recognized the need for effective tools that could not only alleviate pain but also enhance the quality of life for individuals like herself.    

Psoriatic arthritis is a relentless adversary that limits mobility and causes excruciating pain, "I feel my hips locking up a bit when I'm sitting," she explains . Caitlin vividly describes it as akin to the soreness one feels after an intense workout, "Your body is stiff afterward because you haven't done that exercise in a while. That's what people with chronic inflammation go through daily." Individuals with this condition often resort to over-the-counter pain medications, opioids, or even steroid injections to manage their pain.    

Fueled by her scientific family's problem-solving dinner table discussions, Caitlin began aggressively researching alternative therapies. "I literally looked like a walking robot," she laughs, describing the multiple transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines, infrared heat lamps, and other devices crowding her home. "There were not enough outlets in the house!" This experience inspired the idea for a single, convenient device offering combined pain relief therapies; Caitlin founded Alivio Technologies Inc. to provide innovative arthritis relief products.    

Empowering Chronic Pain Management   

Alivio Technologies Inc. is at the forefront of offering a groundbreaking solution to alleviate the chronic pain and inflammation associated with psoriatic arthritis and similar conditions. Caitlin and her team have combined four cutting-edge technologies into a discreet and effective device designed to provide relief without resorting to addictive pain medication. This device is backed by rigorous scientific research that attests to its effectiveness in managing chronic pain and inflammation.   

The company's device offers a holistic approach to managing arthritis by enabling individuals to track the factors that trigger their pain through a specialized app called "The Brain," users can track lifestyle factors like weather, fatigue level, mood, and more. This data-driven approach empowers users and doctors to anticipate and proactively address flare-ups. Moreover, the wearable device employs infrared light therapy, electric stimulation, and hot-cold laser therapy discreetly, ensuring that individuals can experience relief without drawing unwanted attention.   

Caitlin believes this two-pronged approach of "predicting and treating" flare-ups can give those with chronic inflammatory diseases more control over their health. Though these progressive conditions cannot yet be cured, she hopes Alivio Technologies can provide a healthier alternative to Living day-to-day in severe pain. "I just want people to have a healthier solution instead of what doctors often dictate," says Caitlin.   

Caitlin's vision for Alivio Technologies goes beyond providing relief—it's about offering an alternative to the conventional treatments that often come with undesirable side effects. While she hesitates to label it as a "treatment" due to the absence of a cure for psoriatic arthritis, Caitlin is resolute in providing individuals with a healthier and more sustainable option. She envisions a future where individuals can reduce their dependence on over-the-counter pain medication, experience increased mobility, and gain control over their autoimmune disease.   

Relief Redefined: Building Community, Raising Awareness   

On November 2, 2023, Alivio Technologies will host its inaugural Relief Redefined Conference at The Canopy Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. This meaningful event furthers Alivio Technologies' mission to support and empower those living with chronic inflammatory pain.   

Relief Redefined aims to raise critical funds and awareness for the arthritis community. 50% of all proceeds will go directly to arthritis research and development, helping drive progress in understanding and treating these pervasive conditions.   

Beyond fundraising, the conference intends to create an open, supportive space for the chronic pain community. Through presentations, webinars, and facilitated discussions, participants can share their experiences, find encouragement, and learn from leading healthcare experts.   

Confirmed speakers include data scientists, pharmaceutical executives, physicians, medical students, and entrepreneurs working to improve care for pain patients. Alivio Technologies founder Caitlin West will also share her inspirational journey to founding the company.   

While chronic pain cannot yet be cured, Relief Redefined takes key steps to ensure those affected don't have to suffer in silence. Through education, empowerment, and raising crucial funds, Alivio Technologies redefines relief as a communal effort, providing new hope to millions searching for answers.   

Giving Back Through Volunteerism   

Caitlin has always found joy and purpose in helping others. From supporting foster youth to hospice care volunteering after her mother's passing, she consistently seeks opportunities to give back.   

She now partners frequently with the Arthritis Foundation, working to raise funds for research and connect arthritis patients. This year, Caitlin undertook a 525-mile bicycle fundraiser from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Though not without some good-natured teasing about renting an electric bike, Caitlin was excited to join 200 fellow cyclists on this challenge, supporting a cause close to her heart.   

Through work, volunteering, and events like the Relief Redefined Conference, Caitlin hopes to keep expanding the supportive chronic pain community she found so critical on her own path. She aims to continue advocating for patient voices in research and treatment while bringing stories of success and progress to newly diagnosed patients. With Alivio Technologies, Caitlin is empowering arthritis patients worldwide, driven by her motto: "Believe. Give Back. Make a Difference." Caitlin's journey is a poignant reminder of the daily silent suffering that millions face, yearning for a respite from their pain.   

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