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Know why you are here; we all have a purpose. Search it out. We are usually our ideal clients. Experts in some areas and needing experts in other areas.”  Mary Hazward Fernandez 

Our next story is about a lady who built a business out of her volunteer work. She started as an enthusiastic member of her community and became an idol to women. She teaches how to find your inner strength and become the master of your destiny. Her secret is to help you accept who you are. Meet Mary Hazward Fernandez, our next Role Model in Women’s History Month!

From community leader

What makes a good leader? Leaders help every member of the group to do the right things and head in the right direction. They come up with an inspiring vision and are also the ones who initiate the creation of something new. Being creative and enthusiastic is not enough; great leaders have outstanding management skills so that they can keep the team motivated and working together, even in challenging times.

Mary’s story began with her twins, with whom she was left alone. When her children grew up, she wanted them to be safe. She thought the best thing for them would be to have the same community Mary had when she was a kid. To make sure her children were in a safe environment, Mary created a local community that she knew and trusted.

To make sure she could lead a community, she did a leadership program to prepare her for the leadership and volunteer opportunities she found in the city. She wanted to be a good leader in her community, so she soon took every leadership course that came her way. During her years of volunteering, Mary managed to raise money for various causes, such as student leadership programs.

While working in the community, she discovered that her goal was to help people, especially women. As Mary got to know different types of people over the years, she noticed that some women seemed to lose their identity because of their jobs or social circumstances. She felt sorry for those who had their own goals and dreams but were unable to achieve them. “I began to see that there are many powerful, gifted, and talented entrepreneurs, professionals, and dreamers who are frustrated or on the verge of settling down because they lack information, support, and a great coach,” – Mary says.

Mary realized she could now start her own business and get paid for what she did for free for so many years.

Changing lives

Now, Mary leads Women of Help and Influence (WOHI) as a coach, motivational speaker, and mentor. Her goal is to inspire listeners to reconnect with their power and use the authority they were born with. Mary uses a personalized program for each of her clients that is designed to move from square one to their goals.

It’s not easy to find your potential, your brand. Don’t feel bad or ashamed to seek help! Mary offers mentoring for every type of person, from politicians to business executives. In case Women of Help and Influence can’t directly find the right solution for someone, they are willing to provide extra help and find the proper support a client needs. Mary likes to connect clients with the right experts.

Even though people come from different backgrounds, the problem is the same: lack of confidence and self-sabotage. These factors can kill dreams, but Mary has a tip to get you started: “Pay attention. Be present at the moment.” Start doing that now and see the wonderful results!

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