Dare To Be Yourself with Deborah Bishop

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You will never out-perform what you believe to be true about yourself.”  Rev Deb Bishop 

“Am I always doing what is right for me? Am I the person I want to be?” Sometimes it’s hard to decide if we really think what we say or just go with the flow and do what society asks us to do. Deborah Bishop or “Rev Deb,” the inspirational performance artist, and Energy Practitioner, shows how we can be ourselves and love the people we are. She is our next Role Model in Women’s History Month!

“Who do we think we are?”

We all have ideas about ourselves: “I’m tired, but I shouldn’t be,” “I’m fat, I should start my diet,” “I should learn something new.” Is it coming from ourselves or others that make us think we should lose weight and work harder? According to Deborah, it is okay to be human and have feelings: “we teach people how to be human and also to understand how to be themselves.” 

It’s not okay to feel guilty about your feelings: Feelings like worry and pain can affect you. We need to learn to live with these feelings and understand that we have the right to feel anything. Deborah aims to show people the “breakthrough” when customers feel the “Oh my God – I have never thought about it this way” moment.

The ability to make a difference

As the system constantly interacts with its environment, the brain responds to questions and situations. It causes people to automatically listen to their brain rather than think about their feelings, so they rarely get what they want.

People also need to understand that they are not small: We are part of life and spirit; we are connected to animals, forests, and the planet. As a whole, we are strong, and we can play a meaningful role. In general, we tend to follow our mind instead of our feelings, so we might not understand that there is always another way.

“War is not a solution; it never was.” – Deborah says. She gets few answers when she asks her clients what peace is like and what it looks like. The state of peace remains a mystery to us because we have never lived in it. Our gaze is always backward and not forwards. We don’t need to follow what our ancestors and parents did because we can create something entirely new. As Deborah or “Rev Deb” sums it up, “It can be started step by step, but people have the ability to make a difference.”

So how can we be happy?

“You just have to use your Emotional Guidance System,” – says Deborah. It’s a skill we all possess and can use whenever we need it. We tend to naturally move in the right direction when we are happy with ourselves. But what about when we’re not happy? Deborah’s advice is to randomly ask yourself a few times a day, am I happy? What can I do to make myself feel better? 

According to Deborah, it’s natural to feel bad, but instead of relying on our environment, only we can fix it ourselves. Deborah says, “Being emotional is not safe, but emotions are part of being human, and we need to understand how that works.” The question is: can we afford to be happy? Listening to Deborah, the answer is simple: yes, we can.

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