Dawn Lieck: The Renaissance Woman

Dawn Lieck: The Renaissance Woman
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Have you been around really charismatic people? Women and men, who radiate some kind of positive energy that wakes you up and fills you with dynamism? Dawn Lieck is one of those blessed people, and lucky for us, she is always happy to invite others into her aura. 

Life of a Transformation Coach

In many cases, Dawn has to start the conversation by explaining what a transformation coach does. She enjoys being an agent of change, helping people to transform their lives on a personal level or shift their business strategy towards a more future-proof state. Being firmly result-oriented, she insists on guiding people through challenges she had first-hand experience with.

What makes her an authentic life and wellness transformation coach is the fact that she had been successfully managed a significant health-change in her own life. Dawn lost more than 250 pounds and is now continuously looking for opportunities to share her secrets.

Renaissance Woman

The concept started forming during a mid-life crisis Dawn Lieck lived through: although at the age of 45, she had everything the society told her she had to own by that time – 20 years of marriage, children, house and cars, wealth, a fantastically paying job. On the other hand, she was heavily obese and burnt out, living in an unhappy, demotivated stasis. One day she woke up and left her supposedly-great life behind to start a new one that focuses on herself, her needs, and her plans. 

‘It was the scariest and hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life because I’m very much a creature of habit’ – she shared in an interview with Margo Lovett. Knowing her life would fall apart, she made the most frightening leap of faith and fought off the anxiety. 

Her concept of the Renaissance Woman is about making that crucial decision to change, willing to battle with the fear it generates, and while also taking responsibility, taking the necessary steps for something new. A new life or a new business on reset. 

She is coaching women and men alike, who are exactly in the same position as she was years ago, not knowing their place in life, how to escape, what to do, and most importantly, paralyzed by fear of age. One of Dawn’s goals is to free people from the mindset of the inability to change after a certain age. 

En route to becoming a movement

The Renaissance Women concept led to Dawn collaborating with altogether 21 authors, who shared their own story of overcoming fear of change in their lives. This wonderful joint effort resulted in the best-selling book, Finally Free. 

Every line of these stories is liberating to the readers according to both domestic and international audiences. The high demand is due to the realistic, yet freeing takeaways: you can do it. We understand that you are afraid, we all were, but you have the power within you, the force for change. Stand up for yourself, and, as per Dawn’s motto, DO IT SCARED.

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