Denice R. Hinden Empowering Nonprofits for Impactful Leadership and Positive Change

Denice R. Hinden Empowering Nonprofits for Impactful Leadership and Positive Change

Denice R. Hinden, a leading figure in the nonprofit sector, recalls her childhood, where her father's work as a criminal defense attorney profoundly influenced her career path. At just eight years old, she experienced the mesmerizing environment of a courtroom, watching her father passionately defend a client. Witnessing the impact her father had on people's lives through his legal expertise inspired her to want to become a lawyer and embrace the calling of helping others.  

Although Denice initially envisioned becoming a lawyer, her mother's involvement in volunteer work introduced her to the world of human services. One poignant moment during her early years, delivering Meals on Wheels to an elderly man living amidst a sea of newspapers, imprinted upon her the desire to alleviate social inequalities and provide assistance to those in need. "If I do anything in my life, I want to make sure that nobody ever has to live in those kinds of circumstances." This revelation marked the beginning of her journey toward the nonprofit sector, where she saw the potential to have a meaningful career in a helping profession.  

Denice's human services career took a pivotal turn when she met Shirley Aron, a remarkable woman who co-founded Switchboard of Miami, a volunteer-driven organization providing crisis hotline services. Shirley recognized Denice's potential and offered her a position as an assistant. Under Shirley's mentorship, Denice honed her grant writing, fundraising, and leadership skills, setting the stage for her future contributions to the nonprofit sector.  

After several formative years at Switchboard of Miami, Denice progressed in her career, taking on leadership roles at other South Florida nonprofits. She served as Associate Director, and later, Denice became Executive Director of two small nonprofits - the Miami Commission on the Status of Women and Voices for Children, a fundraising organization. Her most memorable role was as Deputy Director of Miami Bridge, an emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth, where she worked under the mentorship of Dr. Maxine Thurston-Fisher. Through these diverse leadership experiences, Denice's passion for the nonprofit sector continued to deepen, even as she also gained insights into the challenges of burnout and work-life balance that would inform her future coaching practice.  

Dr. Maxine Thurston-Fisher, a social work professor and nonprofit organization leader, was another significant figure in Denice's life and career. Dr. Thurston-Fisher imparted the wisdom of letting go of the illusion of control and embracing collaboration. Her valuable lessons challenged Denice's previous notions of leadership, shifting her focus toward inclusive, partnership-based approaches. These lessons continue to shape Denice's coaching and consulting methods today.  

Following her studies and various leadership roles, Denice ventured to the Baltimore-Washington, DC area and found herself at a crossroads. Here, she met Larry, her future husband and business partner. Together, they founded Managance Coaching, a company dedicated to empowering nonprofit organizations and their leaders. With Denice's expertise and Larry's entrepreneurial background, they embarked on a journey that would span more than two decades of transformative impact.  

Managance Coaching is a leadership development consultancy that specializes in supporting nonprofit organizations. The company's professional mission is to make the experience of nonprofit leaders more rewarding and joyful by helping them fully tap into their strengths as change agents. Managance Coaching works with senior leaders, managers, and emerging leaders who are passionate about social justice and helping vulnerable populations through affordable housing, disability services, and community development. These social impact-driven clients represent diverse backgrounds and identities.  

The consultancy's impactful approach involves team learning and individual coaching engagements, typically with groups of 2-15 people. Through this method, clients achieve outcomes like resolving service delivery challenges, improving organizational processes, expanding their teams, pursuing promotions, positively shifting workplace cultures, and building high-trust teams.  

One factor that sets Managance Coaching apart is its neuroscience-based approach to coaching and consulting. Leveraging concepts such as Energy Leadership (Schneider), Conversational Intelligence (Glaser), and Positive Intelligence (Chamine), Denice has developed a comprehensive framework for inclusive leadership and organizational transformation. This approach emphasizes a positive mindset, inclusive style, trusting conversations, impactful practices, stretching strategy and action roadmaps, empowering leaders to elevate their performance and effectively deliver on their organization's mission.  

As Denice continues her work with nonprofit leaders and teams, she emphasizes the importance of cultivating inclusive leadership styles and fostering positive organizational cultures. Through coaching and consulting, she helps leaders build trust, engage in open conversations, and embrace diversity. By encouraging a collaborative, co-creative mindset, Denice empowers leaders to overcome challenges and embrace opportunities for growth.  

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofit leaders faced unprecedented challenges. Denice supports leaders to look within themselves and seek support when navigating these difficult times. She advocates for leaders to embrace empathy, resilience, creativity, and innovation. With her guidance, nonprofit leaders develop strategies to rebuild and thrive in a continuously shifting post-pandemic world.  

Denice recognizes the importance of self-care for women leaders. Amid the demands of the nonprofit sector, Denice advocates for leaders to prioritize their well-being and practice mindfulness regularly. By dedicating small moments to self-care, leaders replenish their energy, build their mental fitness, and find the strength to lead with empathy and purpose.  

Denice R. Hinden's career shows the power of staying open to mentorship and new paths. From accompanying her mother on a Meals on Wheels route to founding Managance Coaching, she embodies service and innovation. Denice's neuroscience-based approach empowers leaders and organizations, fostering positive, lasting change. She believes that no matter the challenge, there is a better way by asking for help and embracing others' perspectives as gifts and opportunities. As Denice champions inclusive leadership, her legacy shines, guiding future nonprofit leaders toward impactful transformations.  

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