Divya K. Gill: More Than Just Crunching Numbers

Divya K. Gill: More Than Just Crunching Numbers

Tax season can be one of the most challenging and frustrating times of the year for business owners. Filing taxes can be a cumbersome affair as one has to fill in the right form, and provide numerous facts about income, accounts, payroll, and expenses. Here, you need a specialized tax accountant who can unburden you from the tax filing stress and reduce tax liabilities in the future. Divya K. Gill, a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and owner of Gill Tax Group, helps individuals, families, and small businesses minimize tax burden and maximize their profits. 

Personal Life

An Orange County resident, Divya has been an accountant since 2003. She holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. Besides being a licensed CPA, Divya holds an MBA degree from Golden Gate University in Orange County and an Executive Leadership Certificate from Cornell University. In her career spanning almost two decades, Divya has worked as an Auditor, Accounting Manager, and Controller for large organizations with over $1 billion in revenue.  

Despite her immense success working for corporates, Divya always had the urge to do more for small and medium-sized businesses. Her father was also a CPA, which gave her courage as she had someone to turn to for advice when needed. Taking the leap of faith, Divya started her own private practice, Gill Tax Group, in 2018.

Gill Tax Group 

Divya dived into entrepreneurship with Gill Tax Group in 2018 and has since grown from strength to strength. By the end of the first year, she had only 30 clients, which she had garnered through word of mouth and referrals. In 2020 when a global pandemic hit, her company automated some of the features to make accounting and tax preparation easier for clients. Currently, Divya has around 500 clients and offices in Santa Monica, Irvine, and San Diego.  

Gill Tax Group offers an array of services, including Accounting Services, Business Tax Return Preparation, e-Filing Services, Individual Tax Return Preparation, ITIN Application and Renewal, Tax Filing, Virtual Consultations, Bookkeeping Services, Controller Services, FTB Audits/Conflict Resolution, IRS Audits/Conflict Resolution, Past Tax Return Review, and Tax Planning. Furthermore, the company also engages in business advising and consulting, where Divya works with small and medium business owners to help move from the ground up, adopt the right structure, implement treasury functions, and make the lives of the owner and the employees easier.  

More than Managing "Books" 

Divya's firm goes beyond just taxation and managing books for clients. The goal is to make the lives of the clients easier by seeking the best growth opportunities and profit-maximizing strategies for them.  The company also helps with the right moves by allowing you to manage the finances by funneling a steady supply of financial data to help manage cash flow, monitor expenses, and keep the business on track. Divya believes that the client's success is her brand's success, so she ensures that they are provided with adequate resources to plan the future of the business. Her goal is to present a commonsense approach with an uncommon level of personal attention and reliable financial advice to thrive.

Future Goals 

Divya wishes to continue building her brand and now has a lot of women clients who she wants to guide and support to achieve their goals. As a woman entrepreneur, Divya has realized that there is a lot of disparity between men and women when it comes to the knowledge about tax preparations and financial aspects of the business. She believes it is important for women to get advice as there is a lot of room for growth and opportunity for them to be self-sufficient in such matters.

As a word of advice for women out there, Divya suggests they stay on track as nothing comes easy. "Challenges will exist, but just keep doing your part, and things will go the right way for you. Do not hesitate to seek help and keep the hope alive to tread the path that your heart desires," Divya said while speaking with WomLEAD Magazine.  

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The Editorial Team

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