Dr. Chekesha Catlin: Turning Houses into Homes

Dr. Chekesha Catlin: Turning Houses into Homes

Buying a dream house is a dream for almost everyone, but it takes years of research and financial planning to see the light of day. You might know what you want and have all the nitty-gritty details planned out, but signing on the dotted line and finally calling a house your own takes much more. Similarly, selling a house can feel even more daunting, from getting a prospective buyer to negotiating and finally handing over. All the processes are complex, may take time, and can often be emotionally draining. Hiring a realtor can help you get a professional perspective and guidance at every step to help you stay calm and make the best decisions. While buying, an agent can help you narrow your search and spot potential issues. While selling, he/she can guide you with pricing the home effectively. Dr. Chekesha Catlin, CEO of KC Realty Group, acts as the much-needed support system to help you manage the process with an objective and experienced viewpoint.  

Dr. Chekesha has always been an entrepreneur, starting off with her restaurant business in the early 12 years. She has always been a people person, and her stint as a restauranteur made her interact with diverse groups of individuals. Meanwhile, she bought several houses for herself but always wondered what it felt like to be on the other side of the table. In 2018, she closed her restaurant business and took up a real estate test to equip herself for the role of a realtor. Dr. Chekesha had found her purpose in being a real estate agent, and she could not have been happier! With a proven entrepreneurial track record in various industries for more than 26 years, Dr. Chekesha has assisted around 200 executives and organizations (in the hospitality, entertainment, retail, and non-profit sectors) with their startup initiatives, revenue generation, business expansion, customer retention, and employee development.   

Making Dreams Come True  

Dr. Chekesha hails from a family of business owners for generations, so the question of what she wanted to do in life was answered way before – she wanted to become an entrepreneur and be the boss of her own life. She was always passionate about cultivating and strengthening individual lives and fostering business growth which led her to initially dabble in small boutique jewelry businesses. Despite many trials and tribulations, she loved how she made people happy and wanted to be an entrepreneur for life, as her acumen lay in business and personal development, management, digital marketing, advertising, and decision-making.   

To close the disparities in home ownership and turn realty dreams into reality, Dr. Chekesha started her real estate agency KC Realty Group in 2020 with the goal of minimizing anxiety in an extremely stressful transaction and maximizing return on client investments. Mostly dealing with residential sales, Dr. Chekesha helps clients sell and locate real estate property that suits their needs, builds their wealth, creates and grows their investment portfolios, and establishes life plans that align with their lifestyle and protect their legacy. She treats her clients as more than just a business transaction and tries to foster long-standing relationships with them. “Every client has a different vision for life, and I strive to understand that first before jumping into business with them,” Dr. Chekesha adds.  

Helping Younger Minds  

Dr. Chekesha always had a soft corner for the younger generation, and their vigor at facing things in life intrigued her. During her early years, with her family busy managing businesses, she had no one to tell her how to do certain things, and she wanted to be that person for the younger generation who thrive on information. In her earlier businesses, she always encouraged and gave work to young girls to help them take charge of their lives, equipped them with work skills, and exposed them to education. She believes they are individuals with energy who have the fire within them to reach somewhere, to do something.   

Dr. Chekesha wanted to help millennials, the next generation of leaders, when it came to making the largest investment of their lives – putting money into real estate. This goal of hers prompted her to be the visionary behind “Millennials Buy Homes2”, a mentor group that educates millennials on acquiring their first home or investment property seamlessly within a short span of 45 days.  

Investing in Yourself  

Dr. Chekesha is an advocate of self-worth and self-love. She believes that to bring in any external change, a change from within has to happen first. She inspires individuals to live their life to the fullest. Her passion for helping people grow personally and professionally keeps her engaged in multiple activities. She is the host of eXHale, a business focused on healthy and holistic living, and features quarterly retreats, workshops, and seminars for small groups, non-profits, women’s organizations, and more. Additionally, Dr. Chekesha produces and hosts a weekly podcast on iTunes called Live Your Best Life Now , where she gives tips, doles out inspiration and encouragement to not only live but also do it fearlessly.   

Alongside, she advocates for self-development and shares her wisdom on life, health, and wealth through a weekly inspirational show on YouTube called Ready Set Go . Dr. Chekesha feels she also needs the motivation to keep going and which she gets from interacting with people and sharing stories with one another. She also believes in sharing her passion and gift of leading others to scale new heights in life by giving back to the community through various philanthropic activities and serves as an active board member of several organizations and foundations worldwide. Her amazing and motivational work has been lauded internationally, as she received the Honorary Title of “Her Excellency” in 2017 from the Olof Palme Peace Foundation International, The Jamaica Chapter of the United Nations, where she served as a Goodwill Ambassador.   

Having Your Back  

In today’s fast-paced world, talking about mental health issues is still considered taboo, more so for women who find it hard or uncomfortable to speak about their struggles. Dr. Chekesha’s other initiative, Sister, You’ve Got This, aims at remedying this problem and providing a safe space for such important discussions. It brings together women of all ages and walks of life who work towards lifting each other up. “Life is hard, and sometimes we just need a simple reminder that we have got this and that we are not alone,” stresses Dr. Chekesha.  

For millennials who want to get into business, Dr. Chekesha advises that they have a proper business plan in place. Being prepared and going through each and every aspect involved is necessary before one takes that first step toward entrepreneurship. She also stresses getting a mentor who can hold your hand and guide you through the process. Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, but with expert help, the sailing can be smoother.   

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