Dr. Christina Rahm: Healthcare Executive, Innovator, and Philanthropist

Dr. Christina Rahm: Healthcare Executive, Innovator, and Philanthropist

Dr. Christina Rahm is a healthcare executive, scientific researcher, patent innovator, entrepreneur, and author with diverse expertise across Psychology, MedTech, Fintech, Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals, Bioscience Engineering, Nanotechnology, and Environmental Health. Her career spans multiple leadership positions in notable pharmaceutical companies, and she is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer for The ROOT Brands. Dr. Rahm is also involved in philanthropic initiatives and has traveled to over 85 countries. 


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01:10 - Introduction to Dr. Christina Rahm's journey in nutrition. 

04:17 - Dr. Rahm shares her personal experience in curing cancer. 

10:38 - Emphasizing the significance of overall health and well-being. 

13:47 - Exploring the process of creating The ROOT Brands' products. 

19:51 - Dr. Rahm discusses the development of her business model. 

22:45 - Shedding light on the side effects of medication. 

27:39 - Encouraging individuals to live the life they desire. 

30:49 - Dr. Rahm expresses gratitude for various aspects of her life. 

37:45 - The Cue that causes cookbook and its relevance. 

40:20 - Highlighting the importance of listening to one's body. 

45:45 - Encouraging individuals not to let others define them. 

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