Dr. Sharon H. Porter – An Advocate Of Storytelling

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The bigger the dream, the harder the GRIND, Push, Pray, and Continue to GRIND!”  Dr. Sharon H. Porter 

Our list for Women’s History Month is full of wonderful stories about real-life superheroines. Who could be a better Role Model than Dr. Sharon H. Porter, a married woman who is a bonus mother raising a child, has 3 education-related degrees, is a member of 5 associations, coaches young businesswomen, and is the principal of an elementary school?

The bigger the dream, the harder the grind

“I’m an advocate of telling a story,” begins Dr. Sharon when asked why she has built so many platforms. Dr. Sharon’s ultimate goal is to help young businesswomen take the proper steps to reach the next level by giving them strength, courage, and wisdom. Dr. Sharon stresses to her mentees that a grandiose concept for their future requires hard work. She doesn’t believe in luck and things that are just “handed over” to you. Instead, she trusts in hustling and grinding whatever you want.

Dr. Sharon doesn’t talk into the wind when it comes to hard work: she gets up at 4 am every day to find time for all her projects. First and foremost, she is an elementary school principal, a devotion to young children, and a community of teachers – much more than a 9 to 5 role. And she has quite a few other projects on her mind: she publishes her books, coaches young women of business, and is a member of 5 different associations and groups, including the Forbes Coaches Council. 

Even being a school principal has its added challenges these days, with the global pandemic forcing teens and their parents home. The teachers, under Dr. Sharon’s leadership, have had to find ways to maintain the high quality of education, many times through video calls. It became even more complicated when Dr. Sharon had to implement a hybrid education model where some children attend school in-person while others attend school at home. This was a true leadership challenge that called for resilience and a clear strategy pushed across the organization. As a leader, Dr. Sharon excels at motivating her team, showing them where to go rather than telling them what to do.

Content-producer and entrepreneur

According to Dr. Sharon, being an author requires an entrepreneurial attitude and skillset. “Being an author means that you are in business. You need to market yourself, sell it yourself.” – emphasizes Dr. Sharon, the author of 4 books. All her books touch on female leaders, demonstrating how deeply interconnected these topics are.

Her tips are often sought by authors who are just starting out. Here is her suggestion just for you: Whether you are an entrepreneur, a podcaster, or an author, you will need to get out there and create exposure for yourself. At first, you will need to pay to get people’s attention; then, they will pay you to provide them content or further exposure yourself. 

Mentoring and coaching

Dr. Sharon would suggest a personal guide to every woman and man in the time period after the global pandemic is over. Through different methods, mentors and coaches can empower their clients to learn from other people’s mistakes and develop themselves toward transparent goals. This is especially important when it comes to women in business, as you often don’t get a second chance. 

Dr. Sharon and other experts like her help thousands of businesswomen to grow as an author or content creator – an entrepreneur of the 21st Century. Her dedication, her story, her capabilities, and her achievements all present great examples in front of us in Women’s History Month. 

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