Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good’s Top Advices for Female Leaders

  • In over 30 years of her career, Lynn has never seen herself as a women CEO, or a woman CFO. For her, it has always been about the work, the passion, and the relationships.
Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good’s Top Advices for Female Leaders
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“Always play to your strengths, whether your strengths are gender-based or just natural aptitude.” Lynn Good’s

When Lynn Good started her corporate career, she had no idea where it was going to lead. She just focused on what was in front of her and did her best to learn and grow in each of her roles.  

The CEO of Duke Energy tried to do her very best in each one of her assignments. Lynn’s efforts have earned her a place in the lists of Most Powerful Women in the world by both Forbes and Fortune magazines.  

Recognize Your Inner Strength 

Women have achieved a lot over the years. As business leaders, soldiers, and mothers- women are influencing every sphere of human life. However, when people point out that a woman was able to achieve a particular success, they don’t realize that they are diminishing that achievement by mentioning gender. 

When Lynn talks about her achievements, she doesn’t like to be called a woman CEO. Instead of reporters asking her what it is like to be a female CEO, she’d rather have them ask her what it’s like to be a CEO.  

In over 30 years of her career, Lynn has never seen herself as a women CEO, or a woman CFO. For her, it has always been about the work, the passion, and the relationships. There are so many dimensions to her achievements, and there is no reason to highlight her gender.  

The fact that Lynn is a woman is evident for everyone to see.  

Find Your Role 

Every individual has a unique set of talents and skills that define that person’s career path. It is up to us to identify these capabilities quickly and develop them. Only when you have gathered enough experience in areas that are your strengths will you be able to take advantage of the opportunities that life will present you. 

According to Lynn, the best situation for a leader to emerge is during a crisis. A leader’s job during a crisis is to step up and recognize the role she has to play.  

“Leaders play a unique role in times of crisis and chaos” – Lynn Good. 

Only when you play to your strengths and play the unique role that you are supposed to take on will you be able to harness the diverse energies of your team and your organization. The passion, skill, and ability of the leader will have a positive ripple effect throughout the company. 

Choose Your Pain 

There are only two choices in life- you either choose to do the things that make you feel pain now or do nothing and feel the pain of regret later. Failures can be painful too, but you don’t want to be in      situation where you look back at your life and see how mediocre it was, even though you know just how spectacular it could have been if you only had the courage to take action. 

Lynn’s advice to women is that every time you see an opportunity that looks complicated or that forces you out of your comfort zone- go and do it! You should never confine yourself to the skills, knowledge, and experience that you have had in the past.  

The only way to grow is to go out and try things that are new and interesting. That’s where the real excitement is! 

Great Leaders Adapt 

The world is always changing. 2020 may seem like an unprecedented change, but people who have been in business long enough will remember that this is the exact same sentiment every time there is a huge crisis.  

The pessimists will always see the world ending. However, business leaders always find a way forward after each new crisis. There is tremendous power in human ability to adapt and change if you are able to look beyond the problem. 

According to Lynn, a leader’s job is to be resilient through a crisis. You have to persevere and work for the benefit of your employees, your customers, and your community.  

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Adapting to changing circumstances doesn’t mean that you have to copy what others are doing. You have to recognize your strengths and come up with a strategy that is suitable to your industry, your company, and your team. You also have to set yourself apart. 

Figure Out Your Priorities  

Every woman has a different set of priorities. These priorities tend to change over the years. For a teenager the priority could be to get the right education that leverages her skills. If you are in your early 20s you could be worried about building up your finances, which could be through getting a good job or starting your company. Then there is the priority of family and personal space. 

You can’t have a one-shoe-fits-all strategy. You have to come with a list of priorities in your life based on the unique circumstances that you are in. 

How important is work for you? What about family? Do you have to make time to go out and meet friends? Are you getting enough personal time to just stop and think? 

Lynn recommends coming up with a sequence of priorities that makes you the best leader and the best parent. You should also make sure that your priorities make you the healthiest version of yourself. 

Don’t Be Afraid Of Detours  

It is good to have a plan, but always be prepared for unexpected changes. Plans are based on current circumstances. When circumstances change the plans change. 

Lynn has had a long career, and it is filled with detours. This is what happens to many leaders. There have been moments in the Duke Energy CEO’s life where she had to pick herself up and keep working.  

Don’t be afraid of detours in life. Just keep working and be resilient! 

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