Elana Icangelo: Crafting Stellar Partnerships in the Hospitality Industry

Elana Icangelo: Crafting Stellar Partnerships in the Hospitality Industry

After years of working in travel public relations at various agencies in New York City , Elana Icangelo recognized a need in the hospitality industry. Hotels and destinations needed more than just PR - they needed strategic partnerships to build their brands; they craved exposure and brand recognition. In 2006, Elana founded Stellar Partnership Marketing (SPM) with the vision to create promotional partnerships specifically for hotels and resorts.    

"I always had a love for travel," Elana shares, "and during my travel PR days, I was fortunate enough to explore the world. I knew I wanted to continue working with hotels and destinations but also wanted to give people a chance to travel through exciting sweepstakes and brand partnerships."   

Elana's unique ability to spot perfect matches between hotels, media outlets, and luxury brands has led her to build an impressive portfolio of renowned hotels. Collaborating with top media outlets and luxury brands, she has created unforgettable experiences for countless travelers.   

The Genesis of Stellar Partnership Marketing    

Stellar Partnership Marketing (SPM) focuses on curating remarkable promotional partnerships that bridge the gap between international and domestic hotels and coveted lifestyle brands. From the world of fashion and beauty to wellness and travel, SPM brings together prestigious hotel clients with a diverse array of industry leaders.   

Elana's unparalleled ability to create unforgettable experiences that captivate audiences and elevate brand profiles has been the driving force behind SPM's success. Guided by her deep passion for travel and luxury, she is dedicated to building enduring relationships with clients and partners, ensuring each collaboration is a resounding triumph.    

"Over the years, I've built enduring relationships with many hotels," Elana explains. "They often approach me for their marketing needs. Based on the brand partnerships I'm working on, I target resorts that align perfectly with the brands in the partnership, ensuring a seamless and mutually beneficial collaboration."   

With a firm commitment to creativity and innovation, SPM continues to redefine excellence in the dynamic landscape of hospitality marketing. Through creativity, innovation, and a resolute commitment to delivering exceptional results, Elana and SPM have become synonymous with crafting stellar brand partnerships that leave a lasting impression in hospitality marketing.   

Creating an Unparalleled Impact   

SPM's ability to collaborate with top media outlets and television shows has been a key driver in elevating the exposure of its hotel clients. By aligning with similar brands, Elana's team has successfully provided clients with increased visibility and an expanded email list, further fueling brand recognition.   

"Luxury brand partnerships offer a unique opportunity for our hotel clients," Elana notes. "The high-end experience provided by luxury brands complements the luxury properties we represent, targeting the same high-net-worth consumers who appreciate indulging in luxury products and experiences."   

Drawing from her extensive experience in marketing and public relations, Elana emphasized that relationships are the bedrock of success. "Relationships are everything," she asserts. "Long-lasting connections, built on trust and care, foster collaboration and ensure long-term working partnerships."   

In an industry that is constantly evolving, Elana's team has maintained a competitive edge by remaining flexible and open to new challenges. By going above and beyond their traditional scope, they have expanded their services and strategic insights, providing innovative solutions for their partners.   

Guiding Entrepreneurs to Success    

For entrepreneurs looking to enter the promotion marketing agency or hospitality industry, Elana's advice is based on building strong relationships and demonstrating value. "Sending informative information their way is crucial," Elana advises. "Don't always focus on selling, but instead, showcase the value in your business relationship. Establishing trust and credibility is key to forming lasting partnerships."   

With a contagious passion for her work, Elana encourages new entrepreneurs to take a deep breath and take the leap. Thinking long-term and positioning oneself as an asset, rather than a mere vendor, sets the foundation for becoming an essential partner in clients' success stories.   

"Honesty and passion are the cornerstones of success," Elana adds. "But it's also about under-promising and over-delivering. Exceeding expectations will always win the day and foster a sense of loyalty among clients."   

Elana's commitment to her clients and partners has shown that genuine relationships, built on trust and shared goals, can fuel long-term success. With her invaluable advice, aspiring entrepreneurs can find inspiration to make their mark in the promotion marketing industry or the vast landscape of hospitality.   

As we look to the future, Elana Icangelo continues to steer Stellar Partnership Marketing toward new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the hospitality industry with her dedication, passion, and commitment to crafting stellar brand partnerships that redefine success.   

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