Emily Hartstone: Scaling Businesses, Uplifting Causes

Emily Hartstone: Scaling Businesses, Uplifting Causes

Businesses are bound to face challenges and as an owner, finding solutions to multiple challenges yourself might not be possible. From adding value to services to improving revenues, profitability, and productivity, you might need support to move forward. A business consultant can help improve your company's performance, drive sales, and take your venture to new heights. They are industry experts who offer professional advice and actionable solutions to businesses that are unable to deal with issues at hand due to a shortage of in-house expertise. Emily Hartstone, MBA, CDE, CNE, CNC, PCA, and CEO of From the Hart Management, LLC, has been helping businesses shape up and live up to their potential goals of financial success.

Shining Career

Emily has a rich background as an event and sales manager for several reputable companies. Her first job was with a company that produced large-scale conventions, trade shows, and hotel takeovers as an Event Manager. She then moved on to launch the first-ever conference for a Fortune 500 company that was into fitness and handled operations of their international conference and annual summit. Emily rose to the ranks with her sheer hard work and dedication and was soon offered the position of Director of Events at Magellan Management in 2016. At that time, the company was primarily focused on non-profit and trade associations. In the next three years, Emily turned it into a full-service management and events company, heading the operations and business development section, and assisting in setting and implementing strategic goals. 

Her work garnered accolades as she was one of the Convention South's "Planners to watch in 2018". Her impressive stint with Magellan continued as she worked to reshape the company to serve the association as well as corporate and small business communities. Early 2020 saw her getting promoted to vice president as she completed her CNE, CDE, and CNC credentials from NANOE.

Shift to Entrepreneurship

In January 2022, Emily took the leap of faith toward entrepreneurship after working for a decade in corporate America and started, From Hart Management, LLC, a multi-level association and business management company focused on events, sales, and marketing. The mission of the company is simple: analyze, identify, advise, and execute. With these pillars in mind, the team works to identify the gaps and opportunities in a company to create a comprehensive project plan with timelines, milestones, cost analysis, and a schedule. The company also offers an array of quality products to help reach the management and consulting goals in a smooth manner. In terms of event management, the company provides consultation to identify the event details, budget, timeline and generates a cost analysis report and a schedule.

Comprising of an award-winning group of strategists, marketers, analysts, accountants, planners, and advocates, the team offers services, including association management, business management, and event planning. Emily's expert team focuses on understanding a company's objectives and desired goals while zeroing in on the key challenges and providing strategic advice that leads to optimum results and fuels financial success. Her clients are always satisfied and never fall short of recommending her work to those who want to scale their businesses. "Emily is very professional and always ahead of the curve when it comes to information and strategy. She cares for her clients and always has their best interest as her number one goal," said Alison Jones, Executive VP at the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants and one of Emily’s clients.

Giving Back

Around the same time as starting From the Hart Management, LLC, Emily also opened Gifts from the Hart, LLC, a boutique gift shop, with her business partner Chaunsea Keller. This unique initiative, which engages in specialty gifting, donates 5% of all proceeds to various charities and foundations. Her motto with the venture is "Gifts from the Hart, For the Hart," because she truly believes in giving back to society from the bottom of her heart.

Life has thrown a lot of curve balls toward Emily as she battles a severe case of hyperthyroidism or Grave’s Disease and Leukemia. Along her treatment journey, she encountered many patients who were being mistreated and felt deeply towards remedying the same. Emily went through a lot of physical and mental trauma due to her condition, and multiple surgeries took a toll on her. But she had the wonderful support of two doctors who shaped and lifted her and held her hand to help her get back on her feet. They are Dr. Daniela Dadurian, MD, Medical Director of MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Florida (who worked on the reconstruction of her face due to several bone marrow-related surgeries wreaking havoc on her face) and Dr. Melad Ghalloub, DMD (who worked on her smile and reinstated her self-esteem). 

She wanted to be a beacon of hope for people in similar situations, and this prompted her to start EmPOWERThePATIENTS Foundation in 2018, in which she advocates, educates, and provides community support for chronic and rare disease patients. Her vision is to fund scientific development and work towards remedying the root cause of chronic and rare diseases, along with creating a top resource and support community for such patients. For this philanthropic initiative, she was also recognized as the Honoree of the Connect Association 40 Under 40 in 2019.

The Road Ahead

Emily is an unstoppable force of nature as she continues to be recognized for her endeavors. This year too, she was honored as Convention South's "Planners to Watch in 2022" and is the recipient of the IWD 2022 Event Industry's Women to Watch Awards. As a goodwill gesture, Emily would like to provide a 10% discount (Code: WM10EH22) to readers who wish to shop on Gifts from the Hart and contribute to the betterment of society in any small manner. Emily believes that great things are in store for her as she also plans to open the first mall location for Gifts from the Hart in the fall of 2022.

Emily is no stranger to challenges herself, be it in her personal or professional life, and advises other women entrepreneurs as well who are starting out to not let go of the focus and seek help whenever needed. "I had a great mentor in my father, who is a serial entrepreneur and would advise others to find a mentor and not try to do everything themselves. People will try to knock you down time and again, but the key is to keep going despite all adversities," Emily added on the closing note.

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