Felicia Luca: Crafting Memorable Event Experiences Through Sustainable Design

Felicia Luca: Crafting Memorable Event Experiences Through Sustainable Design

As you walk into a room touched by Felicia Luca, you'll find more than just decor; you encounter stories woven together by the fabric of life. It's the attention to detail inherited from a mother who cherished hospitality, combined with the pride and diligence passed down from her father. Recollections of her aunts, Teresa and Anna, bloom in the forms of meticulously arranged flora, reminiscent of cherished family gardens.   

After dedicating years to beautifying her family home and masterfully crafting celebratory decor, Felicia ventured into corporate event planning, carving a niche even during the challenges of the COVID era. But life threw its curveballs, pushing her to pivot and re-evaluate. Today, as the Founder and Designer of Lifestyle Event Designs, an enchanting party rental company, she continues to intertwine fashion, art, and nature, sculpting decor that does more than just please the eye—they inspire the soul.  

Dancing Through Challenges  

There's a saying that life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass but learning how to dance in the rain. Felicia embodies this philosophy. Transitioning from hosting intimate family gatherings to spearheading corporate events during one of the world's most challenging eras.  

Growing up, the fine art of attention to detail was a lesson Felicia imbibed early on. Whether it was her father's penchant for creating an unparalleled dining experience or her mother's ever-evolving home décor, these early influences laid the groundwork for Felicia's design ethos. The drama of a chandelier on a bathroom counter, the grace of dried flowers in a vase; her family's influence is evident in every corner of her work.  

But it wasn't until her fifties, after dedicating herself to her family for years, that Felicia decided to take a leap into the professional world of event planning. At a time when most would think of slowing down, Felicia was revving up. From leading sales meetings to innovatively transitioning to virtual events during the COVID-19 pandemic, her adaptability and vision have been nothing short of remarkable.  

Yet, life has a way of throwing curveballs, and a brain tumor diagnosis forced Felicia to take a step back. But even in this period of introspection and recovery, her family's encouragement and indomitable spirit ignited a new chapter of her life. Embracing her passion for design with even more fervor, Felicia has since carved a niche for herself, recycling unique pieces and making moments unforgettable. Eventually, this led to the creation of Lifestyle Event Designs.  

In her words, "This journey revealed my true calling: professional event planning while enriching event experiences through select décor. It proved to be the segue to where I am today, Founder and Designer of Lifestyle Event Designs, witnessing the joy my pieces bring to people at weddings, special occasions, and corporate events. I love seeing people stop, pause, smile, and savor life for a while."  

Elevating Events with Sustainable Style  

Felicia brings her passion for imaginative design to every unique creation under the Lifestyle Event Designs brand. Her Goddess-Inspired Mannequin Collection transforms into breathtaking focal points for any event. Felicia's flair for fusing fashion, nature, and recycled objects results in showstopping silk floral arrangements and topiaries.  

No matter the occasion, Felicia's sustainable rental pieces are sure to dazzle and delight. From weddings to corporate galas, her signature style adds glamour and sophistication. With options spanning boho, classic, modern, and more, clients can find designs tailored for any theme. Those seeking something extra special are in luck - Felicia loves bringing bespoke visions to life!  

Beyond events, Felicia's blog overflows with inspiration. Her tips cover weddings, travel, home decor, gift ideas, and celebrating life's joyful moments. Felicia reminds us to keep dreaming, stay positive, and recognize beauty every day. It's this uplifting spirit that makes working with her so rewarding.  

When it comes to creating unforgettable events that wow guests, Lifestyle Event Designs delivers sustainable style and charm.  

Pursuing Passions at Any Age  

The canvas of life is vast, and every stage offers its unique shades and opportunities. As Felicia's story beautifully demonstrates, age is not a barrier but rather a repository of experiences waiting to be tapped into. She emphasizes that the 'life spark', that intrinsic joy derived from pursuing passions, is timeless.  

Over the years, priorities shift. Dreams might get shelved as responsibilities take precedence. But as time unfolds and children grow up and chart their paths, those latent passions often resurface, beckoning with renewed enthusiasm. This phase isn't an end but a beautiful juncture of introspection, rediscovery, and action.  

Armed with wisdom and determination, it's a powerful reminder to embrace one's aspirations, no matter the age. Her advice to others is simple: "Remember, even just one smile a day can make you feel like you can do anything your heart desires." As Felicia so eloquently puts it, let every smile be a reflection of the boundless potential that resides within, urging you to chase after everything your heart yearns for.  

In Felicia's world, creativity knows no bounds, and her designs are a vivid reflection of the joy that can be found in the pursuit of one's passion. Through her remarkable journey, she continues to bring smiles, beauty, and inspiration to the lives of those she touches with her creations.  

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