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Margo Lovett had a day job for 26 years, but she always dreamed of making money with her hobby: Internet radio. The podcast series "Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation," which she started in 2017, is a community of women who have reinvented themselves to become successful authors, writers, and women entrepreneurs. Being a podcaster isn't just a job; it's a constant process of learning and preparation. Do you want to start your show? Margo tells you how!

Margo had a radio show with her sister in Hollywood in 2010 while she was working full-time. She says she learned how to do a radio show, work behind the microphone, and listen to what listeners want to hear. When she realized radio was such a powerful machine, she became obsessed with the medium. By the end of her experience with this platform, she started her music show in a school.

From radio to podcast

Margo decided in 2017 to stop treating broadcasting as a hobby and become a podcaster because she firmly believed that she could support herself financially as a showrunner. According to her, the first step to starting a similar career is answering the following questions, "Who are you, and why do you want to be a podcaster?" 

Her firm belief is that you have to have a passion for what you want to talk about in a show. "And most importantly" - Margo advises - "don't waste your listeners' time." With podcasting, scripting is another important aspect. "Not everyone can do it the Larry King way," - says Margo, as writing and strictly following a script is essential as it maintains control.

Find your voice

Women in business have a voice. Finding this voice takes strategy and time. As if it were any other type of venture, a business plan should be created. Doing podcasting "is a dream come true for a lifelong learner," - says Margo. "Besides, one can learn numerous interesting facts about the world on any topic while podcasting," she adds. 

A podcaster can be taught in schools or even through Google, but it's best to find someone who already has a successful show and learn from them. It's also important to keep your audience in mind: Who your ideal podcast listeners are?

Find a platform

Women empowerment needs a platform, and podcasts offer just the perfect opportunity. After the right channel is found, all the technical elements are set up before the show can be aired. In addition to the computer and microphone, other issues need to be addressed, such as whether the guest speaker will be able to reach the host by phone or zoom for an episode interview and how much all the technical background will cost. 

Another important aspect of building a podcast business is marketing: you need to find the right channels to connect with your audience. Building a solid social media presence is essential, which can also be used to engage followers between episodes.

Podcasting is not as easy as it may seem. It's more than an investment; it's a business. Like everything else, it is hard work, but it is worth it if it comes from the heart, and most importantly, it helps you find your voice.

To learn more about Margo Lovett or join one of her podcast classes, visit Podcast Academy Online.

Naghilia Desravines

Naghilia Desravines

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