Get A Promotion or Be Found by Your Customers: Learn to Get Noticed in Every Situation!

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  • Invisibility can be an exciting possibility if you’re the center of a novel, but being unseen and unnoticed by people around you can make you feel disheartened and unmotivated.
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When H. G. Wells wrote about becoming invisible in his famous novel, do you feel like he was talking about you? Do you think that you are often passed over for promotions at work? Do you own a business and your customers rarely acknowledge your presence? Invisibility can be an exciting possibility if you’re the center of a novel, but being unseen and unnoticed by people around you can make you feel disheartened and unmotivated. You need to take the reins of your life firmly in your hands and showing the world your inner light.

Here are 10 tips to help you get the spotlight focused on you:

1. Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

If being social or prominent does not come easily to you, look around. Watch and learn from the people who make a buzz around you at work or any other place. Try and understand the extraordinary qualities that make them stand out and start to increase your visibility by focusing on at least one new tactic per week. For example, if your colleague makes it a point to read up on upcoming company events to stand out in a business meeting – that could be something you could try as well.

2. Get Involved

If you’re getting ignored at work or your place of business, you are probably ignoring people around you. An easy and foolproof technique to be visible is to interact and get involved with people around you, both in life and online. Getting to know your colleagues, customers and bosses is a two-way street because both parties get to know each other better. The next time a promotion is handed out, chances are that you will not be an invisible face. 

3. Think Out of the Box

Find creative ways of putting your achievements and opinions out there for the world to see. If you work at an office or are a business owner, post about your views, products, or accomplishments online. Start a conversation, write an article, create or make a presentation to pique the attention and interest of those around you. 

4. Fill A Gap

Think about any missing product or service that you can offer which will help you fill an existing gap in the market or at work. Has your boss’s accountant gone on leave? Maybe you can help your boss out with the accounts and get visible in his or her eyes? Does your client need a product that is not available locally? If you source it for him or her, chances are you will be remembered as a resourceful person. Look for ways to fulfill demands and makes yourself invaluable to get noticed and remembered.

5. Let Them Hear You!

Nobody has ever heard a silent scream. If you want attention, you have to develop your communication skills to be able to:

•    Have the confidence to speak up

•    Assert your opinion at the right place and time

•    Get your point across effectively

Talk to customers to explain your product and its features, voice your opinions at office meetings, volunteer for public speaking opportunities, and speak up at every chance you get to make yourself heard and noticed. Use feedback from your audience to monitor and fine-tune your communication. (Do remember that listening is also an integral part of communication)

6. Embrace Change

Doing things the same way will only give you the same results and nothing different. If you feel you are not getting noticed by your customers or boss, it could be that it is time to walk a different path. Start by seeking out new job roles or opportunities to grow and market your business. Study the competition and be open to different ways of doing things. Restructure your personal goals, plans, and motivations to change the end game. By removing stagnancy in your .though process, you will be shifting tracks from a career path with limited growth and visibility to a running track that can help you soar higher than you thought.

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7. Connect and Engage

Social media is everywhere, and you can connect to a vast network through it. Get active on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit or any other page. You can interact with prospective clients, colleagues, and customers through your social presence and put up engaging posts that make people interested in you as a person, your work, or any other sphere of your life. If a promotion is due, you can regularly post your achievements to showcase your work. As a business owner, the latest designs or products can be advertised online. Build and nurture connections and keep them active to create a sustained presence online and offline.

8. What Makes You Distinctive?

Identify your USP or a unique selling point and use it to stand out in a crowd. Try wearing unusual accessories to work, developing hobbies that are distinctive, or create a novel email signature or presentation template to stand out from others. Being different may seem uncomfortable at first, but ultimately you will begin to enjoy the extra attention people give you.

9. Get Comfortable with Yourself

Before you let the world know who you are, ask yourself the question – do you know who you are? A fake personality may attract attention for a short while, but no one can sustain appearances forever. Get to know yourself, your opinions, your likes and dislikes, and your positive and weak traits. Then decide how you can market your strengths effectively without compromising your core beliefs. Self-assurance and self-love are attractive qualities that make people take notice of you when you begin networking and connecting. 

10. Keep It Simple

Hard work and dedication are the tried and tested ways to get results at work and to allow the results to speak for themselves. Putting in extra hours to achieve your career or personal goals can be the long route to success, but a determined drive to succeed is bound to be fruitful. And nothing grabs more eyeballs than success!

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