How Can Body Language Project Self-Confidence in Women

How Can Body Language Project Self-Confidence in Women

Often, women are reminded that they need to use powerful and confident body language if they want to project power and confidence. In other words, women should take up more space and make them appear larger than life if they desire to claim their place in the world, which men still dominate. They are told this is because our body language says it all.  

Confident Body Language While Sitting  

When sitting down, the standard issue for most women is that they don't want to sit with their legs apart, especially if they are wearing a skirt. While their male counterparts may benefit from sitting with their knees apart, ankles crossed over the knee, or ankles crossed over each other to take up more space, elegant women are not left with as many leg choices to portray themselves equally confident and assertive. Nevertheless, they still have some ways to demonstrate that they are equally powerful and secure.   

Take Up Space with Your Arms  

The best way for women to take up space is by placing their elbows on the chair's armrests while sitting. They can also spread their forearms along the length of the armrest. Preferably, they should allow their hands to dangle over the edge. Leaning back into their chair also shows that they are relaxed. However, they should not slouch because elegant women always keep their shoulders around and their heads high. When women place their arms on the armrests, they take up space and project confidence. And by maintaining good posture and open body language, they demonstrate elegance and power

Keep Your Hands Above the Table  

Women are always advised to place their elbows on the meeting table, allowing their forearms to stretch across the table directly in front of them. If it feels better, they can hold a pen but should never play with it. You occupy space and exude confidence when you place your arms outstretched on the table. As you make your hands visible, you also express honesty and sincerity.

Speak In Lower, Authoritative Tone  

If you want to exude confidence, you should not be afraid to maintain eye contact with others. When it is your turn to speak, keep your head high, and while turning your head slowly from left to right, look at each person directly in their eyes for a couple of seconds while you speak. Maintaining eye contact while talking shows that you are comfortable with your opinions and are not afraid of others asking questions. Moreover, when you smile occasionally, it helps you look friendly and approachable.  

Confident Body Language When Standing  

Generally, women are shorter compared to most men. Since height is a natural power advantage, women usually feel inferior or less potent because they are shorter. While it is impossible to add extra inches to a woman's height, one can rest assured that they will look and feel confident if they follow the tips below.  

Take Up Space with Your Stance  

You feel confident when you stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and place one foot slightly in front of the other. Such a stance is a typical power stance, and both men and women can use it. Most importantly, this stance will not reduce your elegance in any way. When you have your feet firmly planted on the ground, you appear to be solid, reliable, and comfortable in yourself and your surroundings.  

Project Power with Posture  

It has been proven that posture is at the core of confidence, elegance, and power. While standing, push back your shoulders a little, expand your chest, lift your ribcage and keep your eyes up. Maintain this posture when standing, even at the grocery store or walking down the street. You will be amazed to note that it will soon become second nature. Good posture demonstrates that you are proud of who you are. Moreover, it opens your body language, boosts your confidence, and, if you are fortunate, it may add a bit extra height too.  

Stand on Even Ground   

Sometimes you may physically be standing on uneven ground. To avoid an unnecessary height disadvantage, make sure that you always stand at the same level as everybody else in the group. At the same time, do not lean. When people lean, they appear shorter, encouraging them to slouch. As a result, it directly lowers your confidence.  

Watch Your Hands  

We are all aware of the power of a good handshake because your hands can say much more than just hello. They can help enhance your verbal message, invite dialogue and convey respect. Gesturing with an open hand, palm facing up, positively affects others, communicating acceptance, openness, cooperation, and trustworthiness.   

Pay Attention to Your Face  

Your facial expressions communicate a lot during business meetings and interactions. If you tend to furrow your brows or squint your eyes when you listen to someone speak, your nonverbal cues might convey a message you do not intend to. Therefore, pay attention to your friends' and colleagues' comments when listening to them. Try to relax your muscles or smile more often when meeting new people.

Now that you are aware of the tips, the question of how to appear more confident should be easier to answer. The key is not to let your body language undermine what you want to do as a leader. Since most of the information we receive comes from nonverbal cues, remember to pay particular attention to the types of messages that your body language conveys. 

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

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