How Does Lack of Recognition in the Workplace Affect Employees?

How Does Lack of Recognition in the Workplace Affect Employees?

Money is a necessity that allows us to pay our everyday bills. There is an instant joy that most employees experience when the account is credited with salary. However, that is for one day and not the ultimate goal of any employee. Most employees are looking for something beyond that and have an eye for appreciation or praise from others. A study by SocialCast reveals that more than 69% of employees agreed that they would go the extra mile and work harder if their work gets appreciated or noted. Besides this, 50% of employees feel that acknowledgment helps in building culture and workforce management. Lack of recognition in the workplace may have a negative impact on the employees.

Unrecognized employees may go out and even spread rumors about the company. Here, we will discover what can be the occurrences and circumstances due to the lack of recognition. 

Employee Morale and Productivity

SHRM report reveals that companies with employee recognition activities witness an increase in employees' productivity levels by 63%. Most companies always demand employees to work extra hours or to deliver more daily tasks. The work expectations of the employees keep on changing with time. It is likely that no person can stay motivated for an extended period of time. Employees lose their morale and might feel demotivated. Leaders hold power and can ignite that level of motivation in the employees. Speak a few encouraging words and tell them that you are proud of them. Make your employees feel valued and help them discover their true potential. 

Company Culture

Company culture is an essential aspect for both existing employees and new talent. Lack of recognition can make employees feel that it is a toxic workplace. They are less likely to communicate with each other and may not give their 100% according to their potential. Honoring and acknowledging the efforts of the employees can help pave the way for a healthy company culture. When the employees are happy, they are likely to boast and endorse the brand outside too. This may even help build the reputation of the organization. Keep acknowledging employees and see how the company progresses in the most significant ways. 

Employee Retention

Both employers and employees may have endless options. However, you need to understand that it is easier to train an existing employee than hire a new one. Think of the reasons why an employee would choose to stay at the organization. A toxic work environment is one of the main reasons why employees decide to quit. Work on this aspect and prevent the chances of lack of recognition. Give proper credit to each employee and discuss with them if they face any work challenges. Lack of recognition can increase turnover rates, which may ultimately impact the image of the brand in the outside world. 

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Unlike traditional times, companies and leaders have started prioritizing employee engagement activities. Incorporating employees and making them feel valued carries significant importance. Appreciating employees and acknowledging their efforts is one of the ways you can improve employee engagement at zero cost. In other ways, you will be required to make certain investments. Take this path and share a few words of motivation. Keep evaluating the performance of each employee. While recognizing the work, you may even talk about how they can improve, which may help an employee's overall development. 

Well-Being of Employees

The mental well-being of employees is turning out to be a big challenge. You can never judge an employee by their appearance and predict if they are happy or not. However, you can ensure that the employees get a comfortable and convenient working environment. Talking to the employees and acknowledging their efforts will boost their confidence and improve their mental health. Avoid speaking harsh words at any cost, as it could emotionally affect an employee's health. Provide the employees with the flexibility to work as it will keep them happy. Additionally, when employees are working during their productive hours, they will not face any challenges related to their productivity levels of the employees. 

Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy or employee branding is the practice of reaching the crowd via employees. Lack of recognition at the workplace can directly affect what employees will speak about the company. Remember, your employees represent your brand and are your brand's voice. Employees are likely to leave positive reviews when they are happy and satisfied. They might share how they are acknowledged and appreciated at work. On the contrary, employees may use negative words and talk about the negative culture when they are not getting appreciated or valued. Build a strong base for the marketing initiatives by guiding the employees and sharing a few words of recognition. 

Affects Workplace Relations

Every organization and leader should treat each employee as an equal. If you appreciate the top-level executives and ignore the juniors, it could create a rift between the employees. This could affect workplace relations and may impact how people work together in a team. Lack of recognition can also create the risk of other barriers and challenges in the workplace. Keep in mind that a few words of encouragement cost nothing. Maintain a positive work environment and recognize them for their excellent work. 


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