How to Align Your ‘Inside Business’ with your ‘Outside Business’

How to Align Your ‘Inside Business’ with your ‘Outside Business’

Creating your successful business is directly related to the ‘Inside Business’ of you. Notice I didn’t say “Creating a Successful Business.” I said, “Creating Your Successful Business.”  

You might be asking “What do you mean by ‘Your 'Inside Business'?” Your business is very personal. It is an extension and an expression of you.  

It has to do with what you think, how you feel, how you perceive, and how you frame things in your life. In other words, it’s all the components of who you are and how you frame and maneuver in Life.  

Therefore, your business is entirely a reflection of you. It reflects your passion, your ideas, your energy and most importantly the vision and contribution that you want to make in the world. Simply put:  

The Success of your Business/Career is Aligning Your ‘Inside Business’ with Your ‘Outside Business’  To have a truly successful company, your Inside Business must be fully and completely aligned to your Outside Business. In other words, your  heart and mind must be in Alignment to the Business you are birthing, nurturing and giving life to.  

If what you are doing or attempting to do in your business is not aligned to who you are, what your core passion and values are, it can never be truly successful and even if you happen to make money you will not feel fulfilled.  

In just a moment I'm going to show you and give you some amazing suggestions, life changing suggestions that are going to show you how to have your business really flourish.  

How Did It Work For Me?  

I was a person who had done everything she had been told to do, to have the perfect business. I had a coach. I was following all the marketing strategies that I was told to do. I read every book. I did all the social media activities like clockwork, but I wasn't getting the results that I was looking for.  

I was crazy with doing it right. I was passionate, confused, frustrated and just plain angry. I was working so hard and yet things still did not look and feel like I wanted them to. It felt like I wasn't quite there, and I really was lost. (Are you with me here?) What did I do?  

I worked harder, got a new coach, did another system etc. etc. And I still did not have the Success that I was desiring. Hmmm.  

Then I had a serious car accident which gave me quite a while to contemplate. I realized that what I was thinking, and feeling was not congruent to what I was doing. I was doing all the right things (in my outside/business world), but somehow it was not meshing with what I was feeling inside. This is when I coined the phrase Inside Business.  

I realized I was doing all the correct external things but there was something Inside of me that was not feeling right. To me something was off. I was not sure how, but I was not in alignment to my true passion or ideals.  

I started by asking myself these 3 simple questions and I encourage you to do the same:  

1. Do you REALLY love what you do? (Would you do it even if you were not paid to do it?)  

2. Do you love (or at least really like) the people that you work with?  

3. Is your industry so exciting that it lights you on fire?  

Once I was clear about the answers to these questions and what I wanted, I started developing tools to help me shift into a more congruous place.  

Here are 6 ways to gain clarity as to whether your heart and mind are on the same page.  

Step #1 Awareness  

Become aware of how you feel about your business, and what you are doing in your business. Does it bring you joy? Does it bring up a tear or two when you think about what you want to/are accomplishing? Are you doing what you love to do each day in your business?  

Could you be delegating things that you do not enjoy or are not your expertise? Or, is it hard for you to let go because you feel like you must run the ship? Do you feel that you and you alone are responsible for the success of the business?  

Where does control show up in other aspects of your life?  

Be very authentic with yourself because if you aren't authentic and honest with yourself, then what you are feeling and the things that you're doing in the outside world are not going to match.  

Incongruence = Poor Results or Failure  

Step #2 Relationship with Money  

It is important to know how you are feeling about money. Are you doing what you do because you want to make a lot of money or is it because you feel like you want to help the world? Do you want to put your kids through school or do you want to be the best in the industry or the most help to the most people? None of these are good or bad or right or wrong. The key here is just being Aware of what and why you are doing things. (And yes, you can have it all.)  

Step #3 Know Your Self  

Knowing yourself is a critical part of what your Inside Business is about.  

If you have hidden discomforts, resentments, angers, frustrations or incongruent feelings, and you're not speaking the truth to yourself and others, neither the inside or outside business will flourish.  

Step #4 Observe  

Observe what is going on inside of you, how you are feeling about what is happening in your Life. Which things bring you joy and which things are causing conflict and stress? This is a step to you Knowing Yourself.  

Step #5 Contemplate  

Now that you are in Non-Judgmental Observation you will start to become clearer, more authentic, tell more of the truth, get those hidden resentments, feelings, angers, frustrations, or incongruencies handled.  

How do you do that? Following the steps above are the beginning ways to open a new chapter in your personal growth which will shift your business and personal Life tremendously.  

Your Outside Business is going to shift completely because you will be in alignment with yourself. That is critical.  

Ask yourself, “What if my Inside Business had everything to do with the success of my Outside Business?” Repeat that and don't expect an answer in any given moment. Just ask it rhetorically.  

Step #6 Focus  

Keep your Focus and Intention Laser-like.  

Decide how you want your Inside and Outside Business to align and  

hold that focus no matter what happens. Consistency is vital.  

See the results as already done  

Visualize your Business and Life as you would like it to be. Really feel yourself living what you desire  

Be grateful that you have enough Awareness to shift your old patterns and be grateful for all the gifts that are constantly showing up for you  

These 6 steps, if practiced daily, will Shift your Inner and Outer Business into alignment and will put you and your business into a constant flow.  

Article by Esateys, Esateys (pronounced Ee sáh teez) is a Author, International Speaker, Certified Master Facilitator and Expert in the Human Condition. She specializes in Personal and Business Relationships and Mindset Mastery as the mechanism for Personal/Business Transformation, Joy and Success.  

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