How to Start Your First Marketing Campaign on Social Media?

How to Start Your First Marketing Campaign on Social Media?

An effective marketing campaign is not designed in a single day. Developing a compelling and convincing social media marketing campaign requires a lot of research, planning, time, and patience. There is a lot of noise and distractions on social media, so it may be challenging to deliver the right message to your audience. Whether to chat with new people or maintain connections with friends worldwide, most people have social media accounts. You can leverage marketing campaigns on social media to reach a potential audience. Investments in social media marketing campaigns are even projected to grow by billions.  

If you are new, you should be careful with your decisions for your first campaign. Instead of hiring any agency, you should study how to run a social media campaign. Agencies will charge thousands, and startups in their initial phases might find it difficult to bear the costs. Here we have covered the steps you must follow to create a marketing campaign on social media. You can set your own budget and run your first social media campaign seamlessly.  

Identify the Purpose of the Campaign

The first and most important step you should take is to underline the purpose behind running the campaign. You should follow this step before creating any social media marketing strategy. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to build brand awareness using the campaign?
  • Do you intend to generate more leads via the campaign?
  • Do you want to sell or increase engagement with your audience?

Since it would be your first campaign, it would be ideal to focus on increasing engagement rather than simply selling. Try to connect emotionally with the audience and gradually increase brand awareness.

Study Competitors

Before you start working on your first marketing campaign on social media, you should take time to study competitors. See the kind of campaigns they have done in the past and how well they have performed. Analyze the channels that they used to promote their marketing campaign on social media. Note down the results to better understand the marketing campaigns and start working on your social media marketing strategy.

Set Goals

After studying the competition and identifying the purpose, your motive should be setting goals for the campaign. Set specific metrics and objectives you would want to achieve through the marketing campaign on social media. Tailor the goals according to the industry and brand. Setting goals would further give you direction and help you in setting the social media marketing strategy for your brand.

Craft Your Strategy

After completing the above steps, you may proceed to make your first campaign strategy. Avoid taking any step in a hurry and take your time to analyze everything carefully. Your social media marketing strategy should include the following:  

  • Social media marketing channels where you want to promote
  • Timeline or duration of the campaign
  • Budget of the marketing campaign on social media
  • Social media style and guide
  • Colors and design elements you would like to incorporate into your marketing campaign

Make sure you audit your social media marketing handles before running the first campaign. It should align with the current goals and strategy. Avoid adding information that can spark controversies and create barriers to your marketing campaign on social media. Plan the content and type of social media post you want to make. Keep analyzing whether it is possible according to your social media budget.

While creating your first marketing campaign on social media, you should even focus on learning about the trends. See if there is any trend that can be incorporated into your strategy. Only follow trends that you can relate to or are ideal for your industry.

Promote One Message

Your marketing campaign on social media should not be limited to one post or graphic. It should comprise a series of posts. However, you should ensure that you are using the same message everywhere. Using the same message will keep the channels interesting and increase the chances of the message getting delivered in the right manner. Besides, you should even aim to strike a balance between promotional and non-promotional content. Stop listing yourself as the best. Instead, focus on your energy and ideologies before you start working on the marketing campaign on social media.

Budgeting and Running

You might already have a tentative budget set in your mind for the marketing campaign on social media. The budget will also directly impact the sales and overall functioning of the organization. Allocate your budget to see how well you can perform with the help of these marketing campaigns. Make sure that the campaign caters to your audience and goes live at the right time.

Analyze Your Performance

Creating a marketing campaign on social media is challenging, but learning and evaluating your own performance is key. You should not worry if you are running your first marketing campaign on social media. Do not expect any unrealistic results from the campaign. Instead, see and analyze your own performance. See what you could do better and how to create a more effective marketing campaign.

Have specific metrics in place that you will observe while creating your marketing campaign on social media. Planning the first campaign can be intimidating. You should follow these steps to build compelling campaigns and complete the needs of the audience.

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