How to Stay Motivated While Facing The Entrepreneurial Roller-Coaster

How to Stay Motivated While Facing The Entrepreneurial Roller-Coaster
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Have you ever lost interest for a project when previously it was your burning passion?  

You’re not alone.  

I coach a lot of entrepreneurs and have received the same feedback from my clients. I call this phenomenon the Entrepreneurial Roller-Coaster. It describes the extreme highs and lows entrepreneurs face throughout the course of their business.  

If you’re tired of feeling the constant ups and downs, I’d like to share three effective strategies I use to stay motivated.  

First, take time off.  

As someone who is performance-oriented, I usually have a problem with running myself into the ground. I’m great at being efficient and getting work done. But, sometimes this means working nonstop with no breaks in between. In these moments, I won’t stop working until it’s time to eat or sleep. As a result, I’ll get a lot of work done, but I’ll also be so burned out that I can only rest and relax afterward. To fix this, I started reserving one day per week for leisure. On Saturdays, I’m not allowed to work or do anything business-related on the computer. I’m only allowed to relax. Doing this has allowed me to recharge and return to work with fresh motivation.  

So, if you find yourself feeling burned out, just take a break! Don’t feel guilty for taking this break, either. As a high performer, I understand your need to get things done. But, it’s better to take a brief break now to recharge than stop all productivity because of burnout.  

Remember, we want to stay off the emotional roller-coaster. There is a purpose for taking breaks. They will not prevent you from moving forward. Instead, taking breaks will help you recharge and reset so you can do even more later.  

So, keep this in mind as you schedule time for yourself.  

Next, use this break to do what you love. When I schedule time for myself, I make sure to do a fun activity that is completely unrelated to business. This may mean finding a YouTube video that will teach me new dance moves, like the one time I learned the entire choreography to one of Beyonce’s songs, “Formation.” Find an activity that has nothing to do with improving your performance at work or your business. Remember, this time is to help you recharge, so find a new activity that you love. For some people, this may mean watching T.V. and just relaxing on the couch. For others, it may mean something creative, like photography.  

Keep an open mind and remember to have fun.  

Finally, understand that there will be ups and downs along the journey. While on the entrepreneurial roller-coaster, it’s easy to convince yourself that you’ve failed. When things don’t go as planned, you may feel as though you want to give up. These tough moments can lead you to feel even more stressed and burned out.  

But, I’ve learned to accept that sometimes these feelings of failure will come. You’re not going to succeed at every single thing you do. There will be some things that you fail at. This is part of the process. A failure is a learning experience. When you fail, just pick yourself back up and keep going. Or perhaps take that break you already know you need.  

Remember, being an entrepreneur is not easy. It’s one of the most difficult challenges you will ever face! As entrepreneurs, we are sometimes called crazy. Who else would decide to work 80 hours per week just so they don’t have to work 40 hours per week? Entrepreneurs are willing to do the things other people won’t. We put in the work on the weekends while others are busy enjoying their leisure. Understand that you will face ups and downs as an entrepreneur. But, if you take the time for self-care, give yourself a break, and understand that these tough moments will come, you will find that you’ve reduced your stress levels. Then, you will be in a much better position to grow your business.  

Next Steps What does it feel like when you’re on the entrepreneurial roller-coaster? Do you face high-highs and low-lows? What next steps will you take in order to make the ups and downs easier? 

Guess Post: Article by LaTisha “Tish” Styles, , she is is an author, speaker, and business coach helping clients take an existing skill and turn it into an online business. She is the founder of and President of Financial Success Media, LLC. Through her signature training programs, LaTisha helps service-based entrepreneurs build an online presence that serves one clear purpose, helping them gain more clients. Her work has been featured in notable publications including Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider. 

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