How to Trust Your Intuition During Stressful Times 

How to Trust Your Intuition During Stressful Times 

The modern world is governed by logic. People are so engrossed in their daily lives that they hardly find time for spiritual growth. Thus, it can be difficult to know how to trust your intuition. Your gut feelings can not only guide you but also help you make the right decisions. It can provide valuable insights that will eventually make your life easier.  

What Is Intuition 

Intuition is a form of guidance from your Higher Self. This intuitive guidance can be in the form of gut feelings, a sense of knowledge, or a small voice within. If you can listen to and trust your intuition, it can be your superpower. While intuition is natural, it might take time to trust it completely. Children can be exceptionally intuitive. Since they are always aware of their highest selves, they trust its guidance and do whatever makes them happy.  

On the other hand, adults are conditioned to rely on their five physical senses. We are taught to prioritize our logic over our spirit. You may also feel that you do not possess the power of intuition. However, intuition is natural and common to all of us. The problem is that we choose to ignore it. Hence, if you feel that your gut feelings have abandoned you, you must stop overthinking and try to strengthen your intuition.  

How to Trust Your Intuition  

If you find yourself asking questions like how to trust your intuition or how to strengthen your intuition, here are a few tips that might come in handy.  

Slow Down 

While we are conditioned to be always engaged, sometimes, it is crucial to slow down. If you want to know how to trust your intuition, you must stop and ask yourselves a few questions. These questions can be regarding your current life, aspirations, decisions, and how they affect you. People are so involved with daily affairs that they forget to seek intuitive guidance. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a pause. Try to focus on the things that feel right instead of what you have been told is right.   

Spend Time in Nature  

You can also take a break from your daily engagements to strengthen your intuition. Try spending some time in nature. It will rejuvenate you and help you connect with your Higher Self. You might find your intuition speaking to you during such peaceful times.   

Be Present  

We often find ourselves too engrossed with our past or worrying about the future. This not only occupies our brains but also disconnects us from our spirit. Subsequently, we often find ourselves distracted. Hence, one way to strengthen intuition is to stop overthinking and be present. This will help connect with an inner voice as well as intuition.   


A popular way of acquiring peace to connect with our higher self is to practice meditation. While most people associate meditation with yoga, it can be practiced by doing anything that relaxes your mind. It can be anything from listening to music to spending time in nature. It can be considered meditation if it can raise your vibe and put your mind in a relaxed state. 

Become Creative  

If you are looking for an alternative to meditation, find something creative. Even if you feel that you are not creative, try doing something. Tapping into your creative aspects is a great way to strengthen your intuition. It helps you gain insights that your logical mind can never access.  

Inspiration Is Intuition  

Sometimes we may find ourselves immensely inspired or passionate about something. That might be our intuition speaking. If you feel excited about something or have always dreamt of traveling to a certain place, then go ahead. You must realize that intuition always guides us toward peace and happiness. Therefore, next time take note of the things that you are excited or inspired about.   

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Increase Your Vibration 

We are all spiritual and energetic beings that vibrate at frequencies. If all vibration is high, we feel happy. Therefore, try to do things that make you happy to increase your vibration. By raising your vibration, you strengthen your intuition and start trusting it. It may also lead you to inspirational ideas and solutions.  

Start Small  

Learning how to trust your intuition may sound difficult at first. Therefore, start by taking small steps. Let your intuition guide you in the small matters. Once you find positive results, it becomes easier to trust your intuition. You will also find your gut feelings and inner voice getting stronger. Hence, try to interact with your intuition regularly—soon enough, you will use it for every decision. 

Write a Journal  

Another common but effective way of getting in touch with your Higher Self is through journaling. You can start by listing things that you are grateful for. Journaling also helps you in gaining clarity. Finally, it is a great way to express ourselves. Hence, try to keep a few minutes each day for this habit.  

Our physical bodies are just a single aspect of our existence. Learning to trust your intuition involves drowning out the opinions of the external world to reconnect with your spiritual self. Hence, if you can nurture a relationship with this non-physical part of you, it will strengthen your intuition and help you learn to trust it.  

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