How Transformational Coach Richale Reed Helps Women Find Their Superpower

  • Richale advises you to study your own perspective on crises and think about all the crises you have lived through and how people come together across gender, racial, political, and religious boundaries.
How Transformational Coach Richale Reed Helps Women Find Their Superpower
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Being aware of yourself is key in unleashing the power within. Richale R. Reed

Having a superpower has nothing to do with the ability to fly or jump, or superhuman strength. The truest superpowers are the ones we all possess; willpower, integrity, and most importantly, courage,” says American author Jason Reynolds. How many people, including women, have these superpowers to dare and conquer the world?

Every one of us has their special unique gift, something we are born with. But how many of us do actually get to discover this gift at any point in our life? Many people do not, while others who do discover it, do little or nothing to harness it. According to transformational coach Richale Reed, it is really difficult for some people to say what they actually want to do, but she claims that it is one’s duty to understand one’s purpose.

Who’s Richale Reed?

Richale holds a Master’s degree in Christian counseling and has served as a licensed clinical mental health counseling supervisor and addiction specialist since 2013. She’s a three-time best-selling author, a lifework specialist, and the CEO of CateRRRflies Lifework PLLC, a private practice which provides mental health services. Her books include “Silhouette of Her Naked & Unashamed: A Poetic Journey of Faith,” “A Black Butterfly’s Journey Towards CLAR.R.R.ITY: Reveal, Renew, Reignite,” and “The C.E.O Woman’s Inner Guide.

As a transformational therapist and life coach, Richale has supported thousands of people through getting unstuck in their personal and professional development. She’s a true expert and a survivor of child abuse, making her a speaker and facilitator sought-after by various companies and organizations offering mental health services, mental health education, and help overcoming addictions, such as the SR-AHEC, the Addiction Professionals of NC, the North Carolina Counselors AssociationChild Advocacy Centers, and local chapters of the NAACP. She’s a recipient of North Carolina’s City Impact Award for her service in CateRRRflies Lifework and offers speaking, training, coaching, and consulting services to individuals and corporations through her firm INpower Consulting with Richale LLC.

INpower Consulting with Richale LLC

Richale holds a life and executive coaching certification, and has impacted the lives of thousands by bringing a renewed clarity of purpose to their lives. She hosts the weekly “The Power Within Podcast With Richale” where she shares her experience on all topics surrounding human potential, mindset, and leadership.

Unleashing the power within to transform your life

Each of us is special in our own way, and so is our individual gift, the power within. It is the power you bring into the world. You can use that power to change the world; others have done it, then why cannot you? You may be unable to use your gift to change the world like others have done because you have yet to discover that gift. Once you do, you will be able to unleash the power within and conquer the world and write your name in gold.

Being aware of yourself is key, says Richale, in unleashing the power within. This is an awareness of your source, which is the authority over your life. “So, my source is God, right? So, I’m able to manage my life in the power that I have—the authority that I have—because I’m always connected to the Source,” she reveals. That is the only time she can hone the power within to unleash it and wield it effectively.

How to incorporate the power within you in times of crisis

We all experience crisis in our lives at one point or another, and we need to heal afterwards. Incorporating the power within us in our everyday life, especially during times of crisis, will help us achieve some sense of closure in trying moments. When there is crisis, do not waste time. Deploy your resources, have a backup plan, reduce the impact on others, swallow your pride, communicate with everyone, and get the right people in place.

Richale R Reed MA, LCMHCS, LCAS
Richale R Reed MA, LCMHCS, LCAS

Richale advises you to study your own perspective on crises and think about
all the crises you have lived through and how people come together across gender, racial, political, and religious boundaries. She believes that “there’s this power that happens even inside of the crisis that brings out the best in every one of us.”

How to build an empire using emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. But it is regrettable how this all-important skill is lacking in some people, something that can easily ruin a person’s life.

Richale underscores the importance of emotional intelligence and states that when you use your creativity as an adult, especially, you are continuing that evergreen process of developing yourself, and of manifesting your goals, your dreams, and your desires. “One of the most integral things about that is that as you do that you are building what we call emotional intelligence. And the reason that is really important is because emotional intelligence… will take you a whole lot further than even your IQ.”

How to train your mind for peace and purpose

To train your mind for peace and purpose, you must remove negativity from your life, decrease anxiety, uncover your purpose, and learn to live life
on your own terms; develop a daily routine, practice gratitude, teach your mind to focus, and develop stronger relationships.

Richale’s five tips to find your superpower

Richale R Reed MA, LCMHCS, LCAS

Richale’s five simple tips below will aid you in your quest to find your superpower as a woman:

  1. Be curious about the people you admire

Do you have people you admire in life? Write down their names and the reasons you look up to them. Then journal about the ways in which you exhibit these same qualities and try to recall when you have demonstrated them in the past. These qualities you wrote down might be key elements of your superpowers, because what we admire in others are usually core aspects of our own selves.

2. Identify what you do well

Make a list of what you do well. You will start to notice some patterns. You can go back to look at these patterns after a few weeks to find out what you enjoyed most, what yielded the best results, and what you felt was more important to you.

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3. Discover your best achievements

List between five and ten of your proudest accomplishments, pick three to five you are most proud of or you enjoyed the most, and then journal about how you got the results, and what skills, strengths, or characteristics you drew upon. Go through the list and find patterns or common threads.

4. Follow the flow

Have you ever been so engrossed in something that you lost track of time? That is a good clue of where your superpower lies, and it makes sense to follow it.

5. Ask Someone else

If you are having a hard time believing that you even have any superpowers or you can’t figure out what they could possibly be, ask the people who know you well. Have them describe in three minutes what they like about you, the natural gifts they see in you, and what they think you do well. Review what they told you and look for patterns.

How can Richale help women find their superpower?

Richale has put together a self-discovery masterclass which she calls “Reveal, Renew and Reignite” designed for elite women of faith desiring illumination and the confidence to “walk in the power I am.”

This year’s edition will focus on mind renewal and problem solving from the inside out by revealing, renewing, and replacing sabotaging thought patterns. Participants will also incorporate purpose, vision, and goal setting and achieving to accomplish their life’s calling, gaining clarity, increasing self- confidence, and manifesting their goals, dreams, and desires. There are a lot of perks that come with participating
in this program, including a referral program that incentivizes you for telling your family and friends about it, VIP support calls, access to all her adult books, her journal, lifetime access to her “I’m CEO Course,” a spotlight on “The Power Within Podcast With Richale,” and so much more.

All in all, finding your superpower as a woman isn’t easy, says Richale, because it is a layered process, but she promises to help you discover it despite the complexity. This is something that should be done to unlock and unleash the forces inside of you that can help you break through any limit and create the quality of life you desire.

One of the greatest lessons that I will share in this 12-week telecourse is what my mentor Christian Simpson, millionaire, said to me while holding my hands and looking me lovingly in the eyes. He said, “Richale, If you fail to go within you will go without!” I will never forget that day and how it changed my life. I couldn’t call myself a coach without having benefited from being coached myself. I have some of the greatest mentors and now you have the chance to have one too. If you trust the process, it can truly change your life! Allow me to coach and mentor you as I teach you what I have learned personally and have taught thousands of women just like you in the art of living from the INside, Out! Use the code WOMELLE to get the discount above today.

You can reach Richale on her Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, or book a consultation with her online.

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