Isabella Santana, Combining Passion and Purpose in Media Planning for Pet Pharmaceuticals

Isabella Santana, Combining Passion and Purpose in Media Planning for Pet Pharmaceuticals

Isabella Santana, affectionately known as Bella, is making a significant impact in the world of integrated media planning at OMD USA. As the Associate Manager of Integrated Media Planning at OMD on the Boehringer Ingelheim account, she combines her passion for animals with her expertise in media planning to create impactful campaigns for pet pharmaceutical brands. Her dedication to her career and role as the President of the CAG Alumni Association at the City College of New York (CCNY) exemplifies her commitment to making a positive difference in the industry and supporting professionals in advertising, public relations, journalism, and communications.   

Bella's journey into the field of media planning with a specialty in pet pharmaceuticals began with her deep love for animals. As a youth, she considered a career as a veterinarian but realized that the emotional toll could be challenging. Determined to find a way to contribute to the well-being of animals, Bella found her calling in media planning. Her role allows her to plan campaigns that promote products that help pets lead happy and healthy lives. This alignment of her passion and profession brings her immense fulfillment.   

At OMD USA, Bella holds a key position in the Boehringer Ingelheim account, where she orchestrates strategic campaigns for pet pharmaceutical brands. She initially joined the team as a Senior Associate and rapidly progressed to her current position as Associate Manager. Leading a team that includes a Senior Associate, Associate, and sometimes a summer intern, the team oversees every aspect of the media planning process. From campaign planning and tracking to exploring innovative opportunities and audience targeting, Bella's expertise and strategic mindset drive successful outcomes for her clients.   

Bella's commitment to fostering growth and professional development is evident in her role as the President of the CAG Alumni Association at CCNY, where she actively contributes to the organization's mission and supports students in advertising, public relations, journalism, and communications. With a vision to bridge the gap between alumni and current students, Bella aims to create mentorship and career development opportunities within the association. Recognizing the importance of investing in students' growth and development, Bella is dedicated to nurturing future professionals of the industry.   

Reflecting on her educational journey, Bella credits the Branding & Integrated Communications Program at CCNY for shaping her career path and preparing her for her current role. The program provided her with invaluable knowledge and hands-on experiences that expanded her perspective. Courses like infodemic management and climate optimism challenged her thinking, while the competition-ready course honed her competitive spirit and creativity. Additionally, the program helped Bella build a strong network, which has been instrumental in her professional growth.   

Graduating with uncertainty, she embarked on numerous internships and part-time jobs while pursuing her degrees. One influential mentor, Professor Rebecca Rivera, helped Bella recognize the aspects she loved from her various experiences and guided her toward a career in media planning. Bella's willingness to explore her passions and make calculated decisions ultimately led her to her current success.   

Bella has valuable advice for students and professionals interested in advertising, public relations, and media planning. She emphasizes the importance of proactive decision-making and taking steps early on. Maintaining an active presence on LinkedIn and connecting with peers, professors, and industry professionals is crucial, "Your network is a valuable asset – connect with peers, professors, and industry professionals to expand your opportunities."   

Seeking mentorship and guidance from experienced individuals can provide valuable insights and help navigate career choices, "Mentorship can provide invaluable guidance and insights beyond what you learn in the classroom." Bella also encourages students to explore growth and career development opportunities offered by their educational institutions, such as alumni associations. These associations can often serve as gateways to remarkable opportunities that align with one's aspirations.   

As Bella reflects on her career journey, she expresses contentment with her current position and achievements. However, she remains eager to embrace the future and seize new opportunities. With confidence and determination, Bella is poised to embrace the unknown and create a path that aligns with her evolving aspirations and passions. The future holds endless possibilities, and Bella is ready to embark on new adventures when the time feels right.   

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