ISSUE #31 – Note from the Editor

  • Mother’s Day is one of the biggest highlights during the month of May, as a mother, I've come to see the holiday in a whole new way than I did when I was young and learn to appreciate my mother in a more different way.
ISSUE #31 - Note from the Editor
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“If I were a man in corporate American, I’d be thrilled! I’d sit back and say, ‘Yeah, go ask the women how they do it all.’” Tartine founder Elisabeth Prueitt 

A great reminder from a successful woman. We as women do it all, we wear different hats and climb many mountains yet manage to get them all done. Mother’s Day is one of the biggest highlights during the month of May, as a mother, I’ve come to see the holiday in a whole new way than I did when I was young and learn to appreciate my mother in a more  different way.  

We are dedicating our May issue to all moms and mom-to-be. From sharing information on mompreneurs and mom business owners to shining the spotlight on incredible women making positive changes for other women, we’re excited to share this issue with you. 

As I always say “I’ve made it my mission to teach my kids they can make something from nothing. I am in it for my family.” I thought about that quote a lot as I worked on this issue, reading about women who devote hours to the magazine in order to support other women in business.  All working every day to make important changes for our next generation of women. It’s important to talk about what needs to be done, but it’s inspiring to learn from people who are actually doing it. Inside this issue, you’ll meet a lot of those women.  

On a related note, I wanted to invite you to join WomELLE community. The community is a great place for women in business to support each other and learn new business skills.  

As always, thank you for your support of WomELLE Magazine, and for your commitment to making a difference. You are always welcome to reach out to us with comments and suggestions, and we appreciate your feedback. I hope you enjoy this issue!  

Happy Mother’s Day! 

Naghilia Desravines 

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