Self-worth is Key in Relationship Dynamics: Jessica Rebelo

Self-worth is Key in Relationship Dynamics: Jessica Rebelo

Jessica Rebelo, therapist, life coach, and founder of “Unleashed Potential: Life Coaching”, is helping people emerge from their trauma and heal. She leverages her dual background as a therapist and life coach to not only help clients heal from residual trauma but also guide them in learning invaluable techniques to identify negative thoughts and strategize to challenge maladaptive behaviors. Jessica has helped many clients leave abusive relationships, heal from sexual abuse, break harmful cycles learned from childhood, and grieve the loss of a child. Her goal is to be a force of change and help everyone “unleash their full potential”.

Listen to this episode to learn more about Jessica and the fantastic work that she is doing to help victims of trauma lead better lives.

Today, you will learn about:

  • Jessica’s educational background and early life
  • Her passion to help abuse victims
  • Her personal struggle with abuse and domestic violence
  • Founding of “Unleashed Potential: Life Coaching”
  • Services offered by the company
  • How she uses EMDR to help her clients
  • How she leverages her dual role of being a life coach and a therapist
  • Guiding people to turn their pain into power

Key Takeaways

  • Seek help if you are in an abusive relationship
  • Look out for toxic traits before things go out of hand
  • Work towards transforming self-destructive habits to heal
  • Work on past traumas to have a better future
  • Do not let challenges bog you down, turn pain into power
  • Self-preservation is important
  • You are your own biggest gift  

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