Kearn Crokett Cherry – The Power Of Networking And Collaboration

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When one door is closed try the next one, if it’s close go around the back door. If that door does not open Create Your Own but never give up.”  Kearn Crockett Cherry 

Kearn Crokett Cherry started her career as an event organizer and pivoted until she found the most appropriate platforms and tools to reach businesswomen. Her goal is to help and support others in starting and growing a business to motivate more women to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs. Meet Kearn Crokett Cherry, an influential member of our Women’s History Month list!


Kearn Crokett Cherry has always been an enthusiast of collaboration, so it’s no wonder that God eventually led her path to anthologies. An anthology is a collection of creative writings, in many cases poems, but Kearn chose a different way to express her contributors and herself’s thoughts. She gathered 29 “unsung heroines” of today, female trailblazers with inspiring and motivating stories about their lives and careers. 

Her first anthology became a trailblazer itself, followed by a sequel, Trailblazers 2, and there is already a spinoff in the works. Her ultimate goal was to provide a powerful platform for fempreneurs and allow them to share their messages with a new audience. “When powerful women wake up and learn to collaborate and put themselves out there, so people can see what they are doing, then God takes them to the next level.”

Kearn came up with the phrase “Make it happen,” the title of her upcoming anthology book, many years ago when she was planning her first steps in her career. She took time every year to write down the plans, a list of must-haves, to-dos, and wishes in advance. All three books represent an incredibly great opportunity for women to heal, give glory to God, and take a step forward – both for the authors of the stories and for the readers.

Moving conferences in the virtual space

Kearn also organized two innovative online conferences Level-Up Your Visibility Virtual Summit and Power-Up Summit, with a line-up that includes Dr. Cheryl Wood, TEDx speaker; ABC host Forber Riley and behavior coach Erik Swanson. Both events have been and are being implemented to help women entrepreneurs overcome business challenges around the world.

“In our last event, we had over 17,000 people joining us virtually. Doing it online means we were able to touch so many lives, much more than anytime before.” With these conferences, Kearn was finally able to reach an international audience outside of the U.S., which was one of her bucket list goals. She only misses the networking part of these events because, in the days before COVID, it was a given that the audience could meet the speakers in person. According to Kearn, virtual conferences will remain with us in the future, at least in a hybrid form that mixes local, in-person events with global, virtual elements. 

Kearn helps other entrepreneurs “put butts in the seats,” as she calls her work as an event business coach. She’s been in the industry for more than 15 years, which, in addition to her fantastic collaborative events, puts her at the top of the event organizer food chain. 

Kearn’s entire career has been about helping others, for which she has been honored with 19 different awards and accolades. “If you look for me, I’m on every social media channel from Linkedin to Clubhouse and TikTok. I love to connect and collaborate!”

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