Kim Butler: Moving Beyond Typical Financial Planning

Kim Butler: Moving Beyond Typical Financial Planning

Financial planning is a process in which one chalks out monetary strategies to achieve life goals. This process has become even more important in the present-day scenario, where a global pandemic has left many in the throes of financial burden. Yet typical financial planning is actually just guesswork. What people really want is financial peace of mind, which is usually in the form of liquid cash to solve emergencies and take advantage of opportunities. A financial plan can help in analyzing your current financial situation and leveraging it to create more opportunities. In the absence of such a financial plan, you might not be empowered to accomplish what you have dreamt of achieving and might also be under-prepared to deal with contingencies. Some money decisions call for reinforcement from an objective third party, who can help organize your overall financial picture or focus on specific financial issues. Kim Butler, Prosperity Economics Advisor, an author, and founder of Prosperity Thinkers, helps clients find creative money solutions to build liquidity which is the foundation of reliable and certain wealth.  

Early Life  

Kim's money journey has humble beginnings that have stayed with her well into her 30-year financial career. She spent her childhood on a farm in Oregon with her parents, sister, and grandfather. Her first tryst with running a business started early on when she was in 4 th grade and started selling milk from their cow along with her sister. This responsibility instilled in Kim Butler a desire to take ownership of her life, a knack for savings, and an entrepreneurial vision. After college, Kim Butler got a job in a bank in Arizona and started helping people with their money. Though working there was fulfilling, she soon figured out that helping people with their money and educating them on how to save it and live a prosperous life was close to her heart. Kim left the job three years later and jumped onto a more full-service approach.  

The Inception of Prosperity Thinkers LLC  

Kim's desire to provide people with alternatives to a financial industry that no longer serves them led her to launch her Prosperity work back in 1996. Bucking the typical financial system, Kim Butler helps clients put formerly "lazy assets" to work by creating reliable savings strategies and ensuring a steady growth of wealth regardless of the market's mood or current interest rates. She further helps clients to develop long-term financial strategies for protecting that wealth using whole life insurance. Her team seeks a WinX3 result, meaning the client wins, Kim's team wins, and the company where you place your money wins.  

Prosperity Thinkers works on a three-step process that provides inspiration, education, and activation. "I start with motivating people to open savings accounts and then help them automate their assets. Life insurance is under-utilized by the masses yet is the "secret" foundation of America's wealthiest families and businesses. It helps those who are not good at saving money and want to have a mindset to start building liquidity. My mantra is simple – simplify your savings, automate your assets, and have faith in your finances," Kim says. She studied the commonalities between wealth-builders and examined the math behind many common financial assumptions. Through her company, Kim wishes to educate entrepreneurs, investors, and other wealth-minded people to think and act more prosperously.  

Prosperity Economics Movement  

The Prosperity Economics Movement is a not-for-profit venture started by Todd Langford, Kim's husband, and a financial software developer, that helps people nationwide learn how to gain prosperity. The movement motivates people to think about how they can implement economics in their lives. It provides an alternative to "typical" financial planning, which involves products like stocks, bonds, savings accounts, and CDs in favor of private lending, and creative life insurance strategies outside of the financial planning box. Simply put, the movement guides on how to optimize wealth by keeping it in control rather than delegating financial futures to Wall Street, big corporations, and the government. As a co-founder of the movement, Kim wants to use it to help people "live beyond our lifetime." It is a way to ensure that financial advisors, their clients, and their future generations live confident and prosperous lives with their money. In addition, Todd developed software called TruthConcepts , which demonstrates all things related to finance. Kim and Todd also mentor financial advisors and help them create a better life for the next generation. Anyone interested in the mission's ideals can join the movement by taking the Prosperity Pledge. The couple offers this service free–out of total labor of love.  

Mentoring and Coaching  

Kim enjoys coaching new clients mostly because it enables her to inspire, activate, and educate more people about her principles of prosperity and help them save money for a better life. She has a talented team that makes her task more manageable and helps people adopt long-term financial strategies through a streamlined and straightforward process. Kim and Todd also hold annual summits for industry professionals every year – in February, June, and October - to discuss Prosperity Economics.  

She was honored by Investopedia, which named her in its inaugural top 100 list. She has authored seven books, and her recent e-book, Your Guide to Activating Prosperity, is now available. Along with Spencer Shaw, her Prosperity Podcast and occasional videos on YouTube continue to educate. Kim helps people in all 50 states add life insurance to their personal finances as a foundation for wealth and prosperity.  

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs  

Kim thinks the youth – those in the 20-30-year age group – are the ones who will be receptive to coaching and should dive into establishing their financial foundation. She advises them to measure their savings backward and has the technology to help them. She advises new entrepreneurs to identify what part of their business they love to do and focus on the same. Once they do this, they can hire people to do things they do not enjoy doing. This, according to her, will not only lead one to the path of success but will also act as a recipe for a prosperous life.  

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