Krisstina Wise: A Journey To Success And Wealth

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“We all must work on becoming fiscally fit instead of just focusing on becoming physically fit.”  Krisstina Wise   

Krisstina is both a Millionaire Coach and a Coach Millionaire. A successful woman who puts emphasis on building her own business but never forgets to give back and teach others. She supported THOUSANDS of people on how to become wealthy, wrote a best-selling book about personal finance, runs a podcast, and shares her magic across many platforms. And there is so much more we can learn from Krisstina’s story outside the dollar scope.

Her Journey to Success

Ashamed of her past, Krisstina did not speak about her childhood and early years openly for a long time. In addition to not knowing her father and having a ‘dysfunctional upbringing,’ not having money dominated her feelings for a long time. 

It is no surprise that Krisstina resisted and rebelled by not accepting her state of being poor and became determined to create wealth. It can often be seen that people in similar situations wait for divine intervention or luck to happen overnight and lead to instant success. Krisstina, not adapting this mindset, realized that her only way out was to stand up and proactively seek opportunities. While others waited for outside help, Krisstina made her own luck.

Is money getting you acceptance? 

As Krisstina experimented with making money and got access to products and services her peers were already used to, her initial thought was that having money, having wealth, opened doors for her. This led to a never-ending cycle of achievements, dissatisfaction, and then Krisstina pushing herself harder. Seeking more and more new achievements in the hope of attention and recognition characterized her early adult years.

2013 brought a hard-stop to this cycle, and due to a health issue, Krisstina nearly lost her life. This event admittedly opening her eyes; she gave up her previous lifestyle of pursuing attention and the stressful process of building one business after another. 

After nine months of illness and running between various health experts, Krisstina finally realized that she is the only one capable of doing something against her own state. Instead of continuous external validation, she sat down and started to work on her health from the inside out. 

Giving back value

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During her recovery, Krisstina connected with spirituality, which provided just the support she needed. Her sole mission became to show others, women and men alike, how to manage money, create wealth, and even more importantly, to step out of a stressful cycle of running after achievements and recognition by others. Instead, her audience learns how to plan their life in a way to be much more fulfilling and satisfying.

Krisstina is the author of the best-seller Falling for Money, a shockingly honest story about pursuing wealth, how she became ill due to her attention affection, and how she got out of this cycle. She shares her methodology of how to treat money without getting back into this painful, downward-pointing road.

Instead of recognition, Krisstina became an addict to running and reading – physical and mental health. Out of this, she built the Sovereignty Academy, where she has created a great community around the idea of living a physically, mentally, and financially healthy life.

Her story teaches us not simply about what to avoid to live a healthy life in the long run, but also that we are not alone in blindly pursuing money, in having a challenging childhood, or when coming from a poor background – but with the right support, it is possible for anyone to make it. 

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