Lauren C. Nelson: Channeling Belongingness with Inclusion

Lauren C. Nelson: Channeling Belongingness with Inclusion

With inequities growing in society due to the current global health crisis and other economic reasons, the onus of redressing the balance has fallen on businesses. Research has shown that inclusiveness reduces toxicity in the work environment and helps people stay connected across cultures and diversities. In the present-day workplace scenario, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are a way of life, and businesses should adopt these strategies as their core values. Lauren C. Nelson, a global coach, and speaker helps improve inclusion and belonging in the workplace by using data, strategy, and training.  

Education and Career  

Lauren holds a degree in Business Management from Charleston Southern University, besides certifications that aid her in her coaching. She attended the Diversity Training International University (DTUI), where she obtained certifications in Certified Diversity Profession (CDP) and Certified Diversity Training (CDT). She is a Certified Professional Diversity Coach (CPDC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is accredited by CoachDiversity Institute. Lauren is an active member of the ICF and is recognized as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), besides being a certified Results-Based Accountability Professional.  

Lauren’s corporate career is filled with experiences in the public and private sectors. Among others, she has worked with the US Department of Education, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), United Way Global, multiple corporations, and over 20 public health departments across the globe. Lauren has gained expertise in performance management, training, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, performance metrics, program development and management, and diversity and inclusion throughout her various projects and roles. Her exemplary work also earned her the respect and love of her peers. “Lauren is an extremely intelligent, dependable, and independent working colleague. She keeps her cool in the most trying circumstances and is a delight to work with,” said Marie-Pierre C. Bartholomew, one of her seniors at work.   

Changing Workplace Standard  

Accepting and embracing each employee’s differences and individuality creates a sense of belonging, and Lauren understands this very well. After gaining expertise working with corporates for years, she took the leap of faith into entrepreneurship and founded Partner for Impact (PFI), a black woman-owned and minority-led organization that is dedicated to bringing a positive transformation in the work environment. Lauren leverages her knowledge to help clients navigate through challenging times to come up with solutions catered to their needs.

With a team of professional consultants, coaches, and trainers, Partner for Impact works towards bridging the cultural competency gaps in organizations, making them more inclusive. Lauren’s mission is simple yet essential – she wants to champion belonging, empowerment, and inclusion in business culture. To that nature, Partner for Impact offers services including Workplace DEI Assessments, Consulting, Training, and Executive and Team Coaching. The company rests on key values such as integrity, respect for clients, delivering excellence, uplifting inclusion and honoring differences, and long-term thinking that work towards making impactful organizations.   

Sense of Belonging  

As inclusion becomes an important piece of a successful business with each passing day, Lauren’s work with resolving team conflict to make enterprises more cohesive has been hailed by leaders all over. The team at PFI works closely with clients and asks them questions about the challenges they are facing to get an idea of where they stand and where they want to go from there. This helps in unraveling issues impacting the employees, productivity, work culture, morale, decision-making, and business performance. Then, equipped with all the relevant information, solutions are designed and implemented to achieve the desired goals.    

With PFI, Lauren hopes to make an impact and be on the frontlines of social change and organizational evolution to keep up with the times. She understands that the need of the hour is to empower future workforces to make better decisions in terms of making inclusion and belonging to the minimum standards to achieve organizational excellence. PFI’s tailored services aim at becoming thought partners for the new generations by providing data-driven solutions to high-performing companies, agencies, and communities as they aim to adapt and grow. Not one to compromise on quality for profitable gains, Lauren ensures she invests her valuable resources full of time, energy, and expertise to provide the most desired return or create an impact.  

Inner Power  

In recognition of her services, Lauren has been featured in LA Weekly’s August 2022 “Top Female Entrepreneurs to Look Out for in 2022”. She is indeed a trailblazer for businesswomen and wants to help make it big in an otherwise male-dominated business industry. “I want women to channel their inner power and raise their standards and expectations as they can do so much more than what they think and expect. If you are feeling down or having imposter syndrome, pull yourself together. Be the woman you dream to be by becoming that woman. Find out what that passion is inside you and work towards it,” said Lauren.  

A diversity and inclusion consultant and executive coach, Lauren supports leaders and their teams to deepen the impact of their work. Not one to believe in the diktat of “one size fits all”, she conditions clients to align with the organizational values, culture, policies, internal behaviors, and leadership style. Her ultimate goal is to create a space where no one is excluded and develop a sense of belonging for everyone. As a DEI strategist, the post-pandemic workforce screams for better workplace culture, and Lauren aims to act as the guiding force that facilitates the initiative.   

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