Lē Silveus: Charting an Inclusive Path in the Digital World with Larunda

Lē Silveus: Charting an Inclusive Path in the Digital World with Larunda

Lē Silveus is the founder and CEO of Larunda Inc., a software company dedicated to making the digital world more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities and neurodivergent individuals. With an interdisciplinary background spanning public relations, psychology, software engineering and neurodiversity advocacy, Lē is driven by a mission to empower marginalized communities and promote accessibility in the workplace.  

Lē's journey has been one of self-discovery, struggle, and transformation. Encapsulated in her narrative is a profound understanding of the challenges faced by those who experience the world differently due to neurodivergence or physical disabilities. She recalls awakening to her own internalized ableism, detailing a poignant moment when a simple chair request was met with a stark label that left her reeling: "This station is reserved for a student with disabilities." An echo of a lifetime spent camouflaging, hiding not only from society but from herself.  

Raised in a WWII military family, Lē's upbringing was devoid of today's understanding or acceptance of neurodivergence. To survive, she was taught to hide her differences. A hard-won revelation in 2015 would lead Lē on an empowering quest of self-acceptance, gradually shedding the burdens of shame and adopting terms like "cPTSD," "Neurodivergent," and "Autist" as part of her identity.  

Lē's venture into the world of digital accessibility seemed promising. Surrounded by peers who valued diversity and managers who respected her needs, she felt seen. However, the post-COVID growth of the industry revealed a troubling trend. Profit-driven motivations began overshadowing the mission of creating accessible digital spaces, and the very individuals the sector was meant to serve were edged out.  

Witnessing these shifts, Lē channeled her frustrations into proactive curiosity. Her aim? To merge the goals of economic growth with ethical imperatives. She boldly asks, "Can a capitalist succeed with their ethics intact?" As she embarks on a mission to found her own company, Larunda Inc. With this venture, Lē aims to redefine success by merging mission-driven ideals with financial growth, creating a space where marginalized communities can thrive.  

Lē's venture, Larunda Inc., situated in San Antonio, TX, stands at the intersection of accessibility and genuine inclusion. Specializing in guiding businesses toward accessibility, the company's ethos mirrors Lē's personal journey. She often emphasizes, "We believe accessibility and neurodiversity inclusion is a team effort." At its core, Larunda not only services external clientele but practices what they preach internally, ensuring employees across the spectrum receive equitable wages and a harmonious work-life balance.   

Under the dynamic leadership of Lē, Larunda is redefining inclusivity in the digital landscape. When asked about the company's initiatives, she elucidates, "We're not just about meeting WCAG standards; we're taking steps beyond, emphasizing accessibility for neurominorities." Lē is vocal about "Changing the Definition of Done" in the tech sector, advocating for Universal Engineering to include accessibility in the digital realm. By differentiating between cognitive disabilities and neurodiversity, Larunda acknowledges the rich tapestry of human neurology.  

Operational reforms set them apart: "At Larunda, we endorse a 6-hour, 4-day workweek, aligning with current cognitive research," Lē notes. With their steadfast commitment to a fully remote workforce and flexible scheduling, they underscore the importance of genuine inclusion.  

Above all, their ethos is captured in the phrase "nothing about us, without us". Lē passionately states, "Neurodiversity and accessibility conversations must involve us directly." With around 50% of Larunda's team comprising neurominorities and people with disabilities, their commitment is evident.  

In line with this ethos, Larunda offers internships to disabled and neurodiverse students in business, marketing, UX research, and engineering. As Lē shared, this idea came from a conversation with her User Research Lead, Erica Braverman. The internships empower marginalized communities to gain experience in accessibility work. By mentoring the next generation, Larunda furthers its mission of inclusion from within, providing opportunities for those with lived experience to directly shape their work.   

Lē's vision for the digital future is clear and compelling. "Universal Engineering is coming to tech," she declares, emphasizing the impending legal mandates for digital accessibility. As the Neurodiversity Movement amplifies the voices of neurominorities, Lē acknowledges the ongoing struggle for comprehensive inclusion. "It's time to unite," she insists, with a steadfast optimism for a world that values every individual.   

To those eager to champion accessibility and neurodiversity, Lē advises, "Educate yourself. Collaborate with experts and organizations led by those with lived experiences." She also emphasizes the importance of policy advocacy and direct action. "Find the unmet needs in your community," she urges, reminding us that needs aren't only material but also emotional and societal. The call to action is clear: foster understanding, be proactive, and always, always champion inclusion. Through wisdom, perseverance, and compassion, Lē Silveus leads the way in building a society accessible to all.  

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