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No matter where you go, you always take YOU with you; always be your best self.” Charlotte E. Terrell  

In today’s world, where women have to take on many different and important roles, it is not easy to do your best. It is achievable if you believe in your plans and knows when to politely say “No, thank you.” Based on this mindset, Charlotte Elizabeth Terrell guides women to achieve their best image of themselves. Of course, she has to be a part of Women’s History Month!

Plan, do and rest

Charlotte E. Terrell has dedicated her life to helping others be their best selves. She is an effective communicator and exemplifies a harmonious life. Because of her previous work as a Clinical Psychiatrist, she has deep knowledge of human behavior and the mind. Her job is to help women achieve their life goals by serving as a Transformational Coach.

As Charlotte says, “life happens” to everyone. No one is an exception; everyone has challenges and difficulties in their lives. “But we have to persevere and move on,” – she continues. A big topic in many roles is to differentiate and prioritize our goals and tasks. “The most important thing is to know that if we juggle a lot of glasses, we will drop and even break some. But that’s okay because we’re human beings, and it happens. If you feel like it’s too much, you have to say no for your sanity.” That’s a sign to put it all away and have some restful thinking.

Saying no is mentally helpful

At some point, you have to accept that it’s perfectly normal and fair to delegate tasks you don’t have time for. Prioritizing and postponing is not a regrettable step, rather a responsible one for women in business. It is best to communicate kindly and decline diplomatically in such situations. Another way to look at it is to determine if a task is urgent, or if it can be put off another ten minutes, or a week, or even a month for that matter, as Charlotte sees it. Make sure you set boundaries and live in the present with your loved ones and your current responsibilities.

Dedication to your duties is knowledgeable, but highly set expectations can deeply damage self-esteem. It can even cause mental health issues like burn-out syndrome, anxiety, or depression in many cases. Charlotte supports women as a professional to prevent those problems. One of her three books was also titled related to the issue: “Dis-ease: The 30 Day Guide to Comfort Depression and Anxiety”. The book gives guidance concerning these illnesses but gives its readers time to implement the suggested tools at their paces.

Invest for change

Even Charlotte admits that the classic question sometimes torments her too, “Am I enough?” She mentions the perfect answer to it, “You are qualified right now to do your best and do it confidently. If you’re obedient to your assignments and your purpose and use your tools, knowledge, and skills, you’ll achieve your goals too.” If a license or degree is required, never forget that investing in yourself will make your dreams come true.

Charlotte sees the pandemic as an excellent opportunity for women to reinvent themselves. While the career change can feel like an overwhelming experience and finding one’s place in it can be challenging, her facilitating programs support those seeking additional assistance and guidance through her placement program.

Charlotte is a great example of a businesswoman: she founded two companies, one called Motivational Consultant Agency, which provides group and individual support to other women entrepreneurs to become their best selves. 

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