Leysla Castillo: Branding Your Way to Growth

Leysla Castillo: Branding Your Way to Growth

Whether personal or professional, the do-it-yourself approach is not always the best policy. Likewise, in business, you may seem like you have got a grasp of things and run an adequate in-house operation, but it can take you only so far. The future and success of a venture largely depend on its ability to reach potential customers, attract and engage them, and convert them into paying for your services. Without digital marketing, this feat is extremely tough. Becoming a dominant force in the online spectrum requires mastering tools, methods, and strategies that digital marketing experts can execute. The DREAM agency, formerly known as LC Marketing, is a multi-service digital marketing agency founded by Leysla Castillo. It helps businesses stay competitive in the digital world by providing guidance and support. 

Professional Sojourns 

Leysla obtained her bachelor’s degree in business, management, and marketing from the University of Washington. She has been a marketing professional for over a decade now, with expertise in brand development, event management, content management, and digital marketing. She helps brands increase awareness, customer growth, and ROI. During her college years, she volunteered and worked for several brands, helping them with sponsorship events and tradeshows. Her first full-time job was with State Farm as a Marketing Manager, where she oversaw the Washington State Events Sponsorship team.  

The pandemic wrecked the marketing sector, displacing millions of workers, and Leysla was not spared either. She felt lost and stressed out and searched for new opportunities for a long time but in vain, as the industry seemed to have dried up under the impact. Picking up the pieces, Leysla decided to take command of her life and move a step further in doing something worthwhile rather than just waiting for the markets to get back into shape. Leysla chose the path less traveled and decided to start her own venture. 

Carving Her Own Destiny 

Trying to make the best of the unprecedented times, Leysla founded “DREAM agency, a full-stack digital marketing agency that prepares brands for tomorrow’s digital marketing landscape by executing a holistic marketing strategy meant to reinforce brand awareness and customer exposure. The company boasts a strong team of marketing specialists, including creative directors, web designers, graphic designers, publicists, social media managers, artists, filmmakers, brand ambassadors, and more. It builds a strategy around each client’s particular needs, helping companies and brands establish their online footprint and extend their online presence in the market.  

The services offered by the company include marketing strategy, public relations, brand identity, social media management, content creation, web and graphic design, photography, videography, direct mail/print, event management, data analytics, and email marketing. What sets the enterprise apart from its competitors is the team’s personal approach, wherein they treat the brands as their own and utilize innovative techniques and technologies. Starting with identifying the core target of the client's services, DREAM agency curates a unique and pleasant customer experience through a unified marketing vertical. 

Kicking Challenges to the Curb 

With a vast marketing experience behind her, Leysla understands the nuances as well as challenges that come along with the business. The digital marketing arena is ever-changing and, especially now after the pandemic, made businesses rethink their strategies to stay afloat amidst competition. Leysla treats each obstacle as a learning experience, which encourages her to adapt and grow in accordance with the situation at hand. Many things require updating to keep a business up and running, such as learning advanced new marketing tools and keeping up with technology. Leysla welcomes them with open arms as she believes that to elevate a brand, the business needs to be elevated first! 

Leysla has experienced both the highs and lows of the digital marketing industry as both an employee and entrepreneur, which has shaped her into the person she is today. She believes that honesty about one's skills and the willingness to recognize areas for improvement are essential for anyone looking to start their own business.  “Lean into your strengths and be ready to take chances, as that is the best way to grow. Seeking advice can help you grow as a person as well as an entrepreneur and give you that much-needed competitive advantage. Anything is possible if you keep working at it and take calculated risks,” Leysla adds.

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