Melanie Panton: Empowering Businesses Through Data-Driven Strategies

Melanie Panton: Empowering Businesses Through Data-Driven Strategies

Melanie Panton is a highly experienced integrated strategist and the founder of MeyvnMedia, LLC, a women-owned and ethnically diverse strategy consulting agency. With an extensive background in advertising, media, and non-profits, Melanie creates data-driven strategies that delight and engage consumers and help businesses achieve their goals. She is also passionate about empowering and uplifting women in business.


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2:39 - Focusing 100% on your business with Melanie Panton, founder of MeyvnMedia, LLC.  

8:28 - Why she decided to focus 100% on her business.  

13:36 - The importance of having a backup plan.  

19:45 - Waking up at three in the morning.  

24:23 - The significance of mental health days.  

29:35 - The value of working directly with clients.  

34:43 - What services does MeyvnMedia, LLC offer? Insights from the founder.  

39:38 - Working with people who are not quite sure about strategy.  

44:05 - A breadth of experience and a breadth of services at MeyvnMedia, LLC.  

49:23 - Being a woman of color in the US.  

54:35 - The importance of building your own table for women.  

59:43 - How to connect with MeyvnMedia, LLC.  

1:04:38 - Advice for women in the workplace.  

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