Rachel Brissenden: The Alchemist Creating a More Equitable Future Through Web3

Rachel Brissenden: The Alchemist Creating a More Equitable Future Through Web3

Rachel Brissenden beams with passion when she speaks about Web3 and decentralized organizations. As the Web3 Partnerships Lead at Opolis and the founder of Elixir of Life, Rachel has become a prominent thought leader and connector in the blossoming Web3 ecosystem. Her infectious energy and commitment to creating a better future for people and the planet radiates in every endeavor she pursues.   

Embarking on a Transformative Path   

Born and raised in New York, Rachel's initial path was shaped by her love for art, strongly influenced by her artist father. Attending art school in Manhattan, she flourished by expressing her creativity through various fine art mediums. Behind her passion lay a Venn diagram of 'ikigai', a Japanese concept she often references. It revolves around finding the intersection of what you love, what you're good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for.   

However, a crucial moment in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a period of introspection and seeking a deeper purpose. To gain more clarity, Rachel embarked on a juice cleanse using a juicer her mom had gifted her. "Every day I just felt clearer, I felt more joyful, more focused," she shares. The transformative experience not only provided clarity but inspired her to launch her business, "Elixir of Life", drawing inspiration from the alchemists who combined natural elements to promote well-being.    

Rooted deeply in sustainability, she exclusively used organic, non-GMO ingredients and reusable glass bottles in her preparations. "We can't have healthy people if we have a sick planet," she asserts. "We need to build a symbiotic relationship with the planet." This venture blossomed as she delivered juice cleanses to a community eager to boost their immunity.   

Discovering the Synergy of Web3 and DAOs   

Despite her success, Rachel's story took another intriguing twist when she was introduced to the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) by a friend. The world of DAOs, part of the expanding Web3 realm, resonated with Rachel's core values. At first, she was particularly captivated by a sustainability-focused project aiming to incorporate carbon credits into the blockchain. The fusion of technology with sustainability was akin to Rachel's personal ethos, piquing her interest and culminating in her involvement within the blockchain sphere. Her fascination with decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) ignited a passion for community-driven collaboration. However, firsthand industry experience revealed the need for a robust employment framework. This journey led her to Opolis. Her commitment to sustainability today extends to supporting "Regen" projects like "Treegens," a global tree planting project where she aims to plant trees within Thailand by 2024.   

Her path underscores a significant realization: while her "Elixir of Life" venture was a solo pursuit, the essence of Web3 and DAOs offered a collective, community-driven approach. DAOs allow for decentralized, peer-to-peer decision-making, where no one stands as a boss, and everyone works toward a shared mission.   

In Rachel's words, if you wish to go far, go together. Through her journey, Rachel has seamlessly merged her values, passion for creativity and wellness, and the transformative power of Web3, all while emphasizing the magic of collective efforts in the decentralized digital space.   

From Stability to a Life of Fulfillment   

An invitation to speak at ETHDenver, one of the largest Web3 conferences globally, marked a greatly transformative moment for Rachel. The opportunity meant leaving her 9-5 job, but Rachel chose fulfillment over security. "What's the worst that can happen?" she posits. "At least you're giving yourself the option for something new, something fulfilling."   

Rachel's leap of faith paid off. Her DAO talk was a huge success, demonstrating her stellar communication abilities. She landed a job at a major blockchain company soon after, joining as a core team member working on DAO operations. Rachel went on to speak at prominent Web3 and DAO events worldwide, including locations such as Paris, San Francisco, Toronto, and more. Her next stop will be Greece to speak about DAOs in the birthplace of democracy, Athens.   

Rachel is now focusing much of her time fostering partnership relationships at Opolis, where she gets to do what she loves and help fellow DAO contributors enhance their working experience. Her current passion project is hosting and producing the Crypto Sapiens podcast, exploring the intersection of culture and blockchain. Despite having no prior podcast experience, Rachel has taken the leap into hosting and producing the show with the help of an amazing team. "It's taught me so much about myself," she shares gratefully.   

An upcoming episode will feature an actor known for his roles in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, to discuss his Web3 pursuits. Rachel connected with the actor at a recent speaking engagement at the University of Southern California, demonstrating her aptitude for cultivating strategic relationships. She continues to curate content with industry thought leaders such as Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of NEAR protocol, Wendy O of the O Show, and the Polygon's DAO team lead, Marco Grendel.   

She now continues planning and facilitating workshops that delve into professional pathways and entrepreneurship at universities such as USC and UCLA. These efforts have now led her to co-author her first book titled "Impact Driven Entrepreneurship," which will be published in early 2024!   

Expanding Impact and Accessibility   

In addition to her work in Web3, Rachel remains passionate about Elixir of Life's mission of empowering well-being. As demand outpaced what she could produce individually, one of Rachel's life goals has been developing new product offerings to increase impact and accessibility. Someday, she hopes to create a business model to help people prioritize wellness while giving back to nonprofit organizations doing good things for our planet.   

Rachel's drive to create positive change fuels her work and relationships. She has helped to organize over 60 events internationally and hopes to continue bringing people together to co-create solutions rooted in financial equity, wellness, sovereignty, and respect for the planet. Rachel passionately describes the ethos behind her mission: "It's about regeneration, collaboration, and education. Creating regenerative systems that sustain life on this planet, help people get healthy and help our planet to stay healthy as well. And collaborate because we can't do it alone. We have to do it together."   

As an alchemist, Rachel has a unique ability to blend diverse elements into something new and catalytic. She is brewing together her passions for wellness, sustainability, community, and decentralized technology to concoct a more equitable and conscious future. Rachel Brissenden is both a pioneer and nurturer, lighting the way forward for people to access greater fulfillment, sovereignty, and collective solidarity. Her glass overflows with both creative and visionary solutions to restore and regenerate our world.   

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