Rai Hyde Cornell: Guiding Force for the Unapologetically Independent

Rai Hyde Cornell: Guiding Force for the Unapologetically Independent

Rai Hyde Cornell, a business mentor, and coach for freelancers and self-employed creatives help increase income and quality of life as independent income generators. She founded Cornell Content Marketing with a mission to help businesses build powerful, long-lasting relationships with their clients and scale their ventures with well-strategized marketing. She separated the mentoring aspect of her agency into another entity and started Chiron Consulting , where she helps clients understand the nuances of business-building and apply theory to the practical world through online courses and workshops. “The Soar!” podcast, which she hosts, features inspiring stories, tips, and tricks from freelancers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed creatives who forged their own paths.  

Listen to this episode to learn more about Rai and her digital marketing ventures helping freelancers build their dream businesses.

Today, you will learn about:  

  • Rai’s educational background and career  
  • Her professional work in the mental health field  
  • How she got into freelance writing  
  • Founding of Cornell Content Marketing  
  • Services that the company offers  
  • The inception of Chiron Consulting and mentoring programs offered  
  • The Soar! Podcast   
  • Advice to future businesswomen  

Key Takeaways:  

  • Getting into the freelancing business requires confidence  
  • Breaking away from the norm can be scary but not impossible  
  • As a freelancer, you need coaching to build your business  
  • Leveraging digital marketing strategies is crucial  
  • Envision your dream life and go for it  

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