Rinku Rathore von Liechti: An Ethical Entrepreneur Transforming Multiple Fields

Rinku Rathore von Liechti: An Ethical Entrepreneur Transforming Multiple Fields

Rinku Rathore von Liechti wears many hats with remarkable finesse—a tech visionary, startup trailblazer, fashion luminary, philanthropic force, and the founder of and Rathore von Liechti Yosemite Lodge & Retreat Center . Her diverse interests and ventures all share a common thread of creativity, innovation, and making a positive impact. As she continues to forge her path as a leader in various fields, her journey has been profoundly influenced by the remarkable individuals who have played pivotal roles in her life, reinforcing her commitment to authenticity, ethics, and unwavering values.   

Rinku von Liechti's upbringing in an Indian army household nurtured a deep well of leadership values. Her family's daily conversations were filled with inspirational quotes and lessons on teamwork, instilling in her a sense of leadership from an early age. Her parents were strong role models who instilled in her a sense of fearlessness and belief that she could achieve anything she put her mind to. "I was treated as an equal. Never once did I feel I'm a woman, I can't do this, I can't do that," she says.    

Her mother's commitment to social justice and women's rights further reinforced the importance of authenticity and a strong moral compass. One incident, in particular, remains etched in her memory and had a profound impact on Rinku when a truck's tire caught fire while her mom was dropping her to school. Her mother immediately ran after the truck to alert the unaware driver. After getting the driver to safety, Rinku's mother mobilized bystanders to douse the flames with buckets of water, preventing a potential explosion.  

Watching her mother risk her safety to help others made a profound impact on young Rinku. She shares, "That was the moment I saw, and I recognized this is not an ordinary mom. This is a phenomenal human being. She cares, and she authentically cares about the world." This experience imparted the significance of living one's values through action. Rinku reflects, "Authenticity is what you see is what you get, and I learned that the value system she has is where leadership starts—having a solid value system in place." This act of selfless heroism taught Rinku the importance of authenticity and having a strong value system.   

Inspired by her mother's example, Rinku started an anti-bullying nonprofit organization while in college to educate students on their rights and provide counseling. She went so far as to put up her own phone number on advertisements around town for students to call. Rinku and her mother took late-night calls and provided support. Through grassroots education and outreach, she brought enough attention to the issue that stricter anti-bullying laws were enacted in her state and eventually in the entire country.   

After graduating with her MBA, Rinku entered the field of recruiting and HR, leveraging her people skills and passion for placing candidates in fulfilling roles. She later returned to her entrepreneurial roots, working on an augmented reality app and mobile games. Motherhood inspired the creation of a nutrition-focused game called "The Peanut Chronicles", designed to educate expectant mothers about nutritious foods for their unborn babies. The app goes beyond dietary guidance, offering mental and emotional well-being support through guided meditation and coaching. To bring this innovative concept to life, Rinku took it upon herself to learn coding.   

Now, Rinku is gearing up to launch her newest venture—an AI recruiting startup called that automates talent search. "Recruiting is really hard. As a company grows, one wrong hire or one hire leaving or quitting just halfway can cost a lot." aims to provide the right talent fit from the get-go while prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through advanced algorithms, machine learning, and natural language processing, they offer an AI-powered platform that streamlines the entire hiring process, from sourcing candidates to predicting success. Rinku's extensive recruiting expertise combined with AI's pattern-matching capabilities make this a promising concept.    

Alongside her tech ventures, Rinku is preparing to launch the Rathore von Liechti Yosemite Lodge & Retreat Center with her husband, Laurentius Jörg von Liechti. The idyllic spot carries special meaning as it's where Rinku and her husband got married. This boutique lodge is a dream realized, harkening back to her father's legacy as a builder.      

The couple envisions their Yosemite lodge to be a gathering place where large families, startup teams, and corporate groups can hold retreats and small events. Rinku highlights how the pandemic underscored the importance of having spaces for people to connect and recharge without being isolated at home. The lodge will have meeting halls, terraces, game rooms, a spa, hiking trails, a playground, and more—bringing together Rinku's passions for building, designing, and fostering human connection.   

Rinku has cultivated a vibrant, creative life beyond her thriving entrepreneurial career. She has long harbored a passion for artistic expression through mediums like fine art, high-end jewelry design, fashion, and modeling. Though Rinku stepped back from modeling when she started a family, she has recently re-engaged with the industry after a decade-long hiatus.     

Rinku approaches fashion design and modeling with an ethical lens. She aims to transform outdated industry norms by demonstrating that glamour and integrity are compatible and can powerfully reinforce each other. Rinku leverages fashion as a vehicle for subtly promoting equitable values. Her tasteful work proves personal style can uplift and inspire when rooted in ethics.   

Above all, Rinku sees fashion as an art form. As a jewelry designer, she works in gold, silver, diamond, emerald, sapphire, and other precious metals and jewels, drawing on styles and techniques handed down through her family. By determinedly merging creativity and social conscience throughout her eclectic career, Rinku serves as a role model for fashion professionals and entrepreneurs alike.   

With such diverse ventures spanning technology, social impact, hospitality, and creative arts, Rinku stresses the importance of taking yourself and your goals seriously. "Take yourself seriously in whatever you do because if you don't, no one else will."    

She encourages women to own their power and potential, noting, "Everyone in this world has something unique to offer. But also remember that lack of experience is not incompetence." She advises other women to own their talents and not let imposter syndrome hold them back. "Focus on the end goal."   

Rinku also discussed the guiding role her values play in her work. She believes strongly in remaining committed to your values, as they form the foundation for leadership and decision-making. Ethics and authenticity are top priorities across all her projects.   

She advises focusing on identifying your unique abilities and contributions. Hone your craft. You don't need to be perfect, but own what makes you special. Let your moral values steer you. She encouraged women to take their seat at any table and know the power they have to offer the world.   

Rinku Rathore von Liechti has achieved a remarkable number of accomplishments in just a few decades. Yet, her journey has only just begun. Keep an eye out for what this multitalented tech founder, fashionista, entrepreneur, and lodge owner dreams up next. One thing is certain—it will be infused with creativity, innovation, and values.   

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