Rossie McCree: Crafting Creativity Across Continents and Communities

Rossie McCree: Crafting Creativity Across Continents and Communities

From the streets of Portland, Oregon, to the vibrant artistic community of Sacramento, California, Rossie McCree's life journey has been marked by her unwavering passion for creativity. As an independent actress and dynamic podcaster, Rossie has navigated the world of entertainment with determination, resilience, and an innate ability to create her own opportunities.   

Rossie's journey began in the Pacific Northwest, where her love for acting ignited during her early years. "I joined every drama class that was offered in school starting in the 8th grade," she recalls. This passion followed her through high school, propelling her onto the stage and into her first starring role in an independent film, "Sum of the Parts," when she was just 24 years old.   

In 2012, because of her husband's work they moved to Sacramento, California. Years later, after raising a family, Rossie found herself at a crossroads. Eager to rekindle her acting career, "In 2017, after becoming a newly empty nester, I decided to get back into acting," Rossie shares, reflecting on this Life-changing moment. With this decision, Rossie opened the next chapter in her story, one defined by revitalized creative passion.   

In 2018, Rossie achieved a significant milestone by earning her first TV credit as a gallery member in the pilot show "Judge Carlos," starring comedian Carlos Mencia. The same year, she ventured into the realm of commercials, starring in an ad for the California tech company California Sunlight. However, her involvement in the short film "Strange Lights," directed by Brian Eric Johnson, left an indelible mark. Despite a brief role, Rossie's dedication to her craft and collaboration with talented minds enriched the project. The film's success at various film festivals and its inclusion in the Museum of the Moving Image underscored her growing influence in Sacramento's artistic scene.   

Despite that, the world of podcasting would soon open new avenues for Rossie. Her appearances on the "Movie Lovers Unite" podcast marked the beginning of her podcasting adventure, and under the guidance of John DiGregorio, she embraced this new medium with enthusiasm. "He taught me everything I know about podcasting," she remarks, reflecting on the learning curve and growth that ensued.   

Through "Movie Lovers Unite," Rossie discovered her knack for discussing movies and entertainment. This led to the creation of her own podcast, "Rossie Talks," where she dives into a multitude of topics, including movies, video games, and shows. "I wanted to create a platform where I could review and discuss various forms of entertainment," Rossie explains. Her charismatic co-hosting style and insightful discussions quickly earned her recognition and a loyal audience.   

As her podcasting journey evolved, Rossie's ambition led her to create another podcast: "Rossie's Clubhouse." This platform allowed her to interview local music artists, actors, comedians, and directors, expanding her reach within Sacramento's artistic community. "I enjoy being a co-host and discussing movies, but having my show and creating, producing, and growing 'Rossie's Clubhouse' has been exciting!" she exclaims.   

In the midst of her podcasting success, Rossie's entrepreneurial spirit sparked another venture: "Face By Rossie" ™. Drawing from her self-taught makeup skills and her passion for skincare, she embarked on creating her facial moisturizer product line, which is scheduled to launch by 2025. "I have always had an interest in cosmetics, facial cleansers, and moisturizers," she explains. This endeavor has allowed her to combine her love for beauty with her desire to provide quality products to women.    

Navigating the world of podcasting and product development simultaneously hasn't been without its challenges. Yet, Rossie's meticulous scheduling and unwavering dedication have enabled her to balance her creative pursuits. "Having a schedule is very important for me," she emphasizes, highlighting the disciplined approach she employs to manage her time effectively.   

Looking ahead, Rossie has ambitious aspirations. In her acting career, she hopes to find a role that truly resonates and adds depth to her portfolio. And with "Face By Rossie" ™, her dream is to see her skincare line flourish and make a lasting impact in the beauty industry.   

Rossie's journey encapsulates the power of creativity and the determination to forge one's own path. From the stages of Portland to the podcasting studios of Sacramento, she has harnessed her passions to build a multifaceted career that thrives on her relentless drive. As she continues to create opportunities and inspire those around her, Rossie McCree embodies the spirit of a true artist and entrepreneur.   

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