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Powerful women find their voice by using it.” Maggie Georgopoulos

As we set out to learn from the careers, lives, and choices of strong women, we find – thankfully, more and more often – “hidden gems,” like Maggie Georgopulos, who has dedicated her career to not one, but two of the hottest topics of 2021. Mental health and gender balance in leadership are exciting topics that are also being addressed at the government level. As part of our Women’s History Month article series, we introduce you to a successful author and businesswoman who shares her unique mental health journey, Maggie Georgopulos.

Maggie’s personal story

Young Maggie Georgopoulos was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at the age of 17. Bipolar disorder is a mood-affecting mental illness, causing depressive (down) and disturbed (hypomanic, mild, or even severe manic) episodes to follow each other.

Despite her incurable mental illness, Maggie was able to manage her disorder and, in parallel, have a highly successful career in HR and as a counselor. She set up a system of measures to nurture the periods when the hypomanic, hyper-energetic period set in while also formed a set of activities to protect herself during the more depressing times.

Mental Health should be important to all of us

Based on her empirical experience and professional knowledge, Maggie emphasizes that promoting mental health is vital for all of us. While some have already recognized its relevance and seriousness, there are still others who completely neglect their own mental health, which ultimately leads to burnout, depression, and unhappy life.

The common misbelief is that leaders, especially women, are not affected by mental health issues. ‘They suppose to be perfect. You can’t have anxiety or any mental health disorder.’ Most workplaces are still not supportive enough towards mental health challenges. There are no opportunities to open up, no professional help and support available, and no space to let go and release frustration. 

As an expert in Human Resources, Maggie is a champion of the idea, that every employee brings value to the table. When the workplace rejects or repels talent with anxiety, both sides lose the opportunity to create something truly unique.

Supporting women in leadership position

Maggie Georgopoulos’ Up The Ladder In A Skirt is the perfect guide for businesswomen looking for or already in leadership positions. Regardless of where you are in your leadership journey, you will benefit from the practical tips and insights Maggie shares in her book.

As a speaker and coach, Maggie has made a name for herself, helping women around the world develop their leadership skills. She helps women discover and clarify their personal leadership goals and supports them as they climb the leadership ladder. The tips and suggestions in this book will help you increase your productivity and your team by implementing better leadership skills.

‘The global pandemic opened up a massive opportunity to reframe what becomes the operating norm in the workplace.’ – Maggie offers food for thought. From regular screen breaks to protecting physical health, there is an increasing focus on wellbeing in the workplace, but they also need to be more emphasis on mental health.

With the fantastic record of directly influencing the careers of over 10,000 women in business globally, Maggie is a sought-after consultant in the oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, and automotive industries. Through her incredible story, she made us realize that we all have the opportunity to forge an advantage from our weaknesses.

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