Taylor Presha: Begin Your Healing Journey

Taylor Presha: Begin Your Healing Journey

Be it in a relationship, job, or the “what ifs” in other areas, we all face challenges in life that can knock us off our purpose-driven path. Society feeds us this thought that we should keep our emotions bottled up and appear strong in the face of all adversities. However, this stifles our personality and results into a myriad of problems. Therapy can be hugely beneficial and empowering in such circumstances. Asking for it shows strength and courage and will help you take charge of your life and navigate the physical and mental challenges you face. While it is not a cure or a quick fix, a therapist will help you with tools and techniques to improve your mental well-being. Taylor Presha, a mental health advocate, founder, and lead therapist of A Change Within, LLC , strives to bring positive change in the community by helping people feel seen and heard.  

Helping Hand   

Taylor earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Central Florida and completed her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the same place. During her graduation days, she served as a Science teacher at a Title I High School in Orlando, Florida, which helped her gain insight into the mental health needs of teens and young adults. This experience, coupled with her educational background, shaped her into a diverse counselor as she dove into providing mental health guidance.   

Choosing to become a therapist came naturally to Taylor, since she was always a good listener and had a strong and compassionate heart. She wanted to capitalize on this innate strength and hold the hands of individuals who were feeling lost in the journey of life and felt they were alone in the battle.   

Change from Within  

Taylor started A Change Within, LLC , in 2020 to create a warm, safe space for people to authentically develop insight and increase their self-awareness of overall mental well-being. She provides clients with the necessary tools, insight, and resources to achieve their goals in communication, collaboration, and overall understanding. Taylor recognizes the effort it takes to decide on taking up counseling, as it is not easy to open up to a stranger. Hence, she strives to make each of her clients feel comfortable and encourages them to be their authentic selves. She guides them in the direction that they feel most comfortable in and highlights their growth barriers while finding a way to help them understand the blockage to ultimately overcome it.   

Under services offered for individuals, couples, and family counseling, Taylor implements a variety of techniques that best suit everyone’s situation, such as Psychodynamic, Family Systems, Multicultural Therapy, Mindfulness Interventions, and Emotional-Focused. Her motto is simple – she advocates for the fact that real change starts from within and the journey to total wellness comes from inner motivation rather than external forces. Although not an easy task, she stresses the importance of recognizing that there is a problem that needs fixing and then accepting help to remedy it to move on the path of growth, insight, and healing. Taylor works with clients to help them discover the underlying problems that are hampering their life and helps them develop a course of action according to the state of crisis that they are in to build a better future. “My mission is to provide a comfortable and safe environment to help individuals explore their emotions in a healthy way through professional guidance and support,” Taylor said.  

Mental Health Matters  

Mental health issues have taken precedence, especially after a pandemic threw life topsy-turvy for many. People had a lot to deal with, and seeking help became a matter of utmost priority. Turning to therapists can help as they create a safety net and by building a trustworthy relationship with the clients to heal the pain within. There might be a catch when it comes to the outcomes, as engaging in feelings can be difficult. But often, the result is transformative, and the emotional process gives way to an empowering experience, fostering inner trust, integrity, and meaning.   

Furthering her work toward mental health awareness, Taylor also hosts Therapy Talks with Taylor , a podcast series dedicated to educating, inspiring, and uplifting others by discussing different topics related to mental health. The show, which picks up different topics from Taylor’s client experiences, is transparent, authentic and provides a safe and healthy place for individuals to have difficult conversations on a variety of topics such as anxiety, depression, generational trauma, self-esteem, and much more.  

Juggling and Winning  

In a mostly male-dominated business world, women still trying to make it out there is a big thing, and Taylor encourages such individuals to give it their all. “Firstly, know that you can and that you are capable of great things in life, no matter what anyone says! We need more women leaders in every sphere of life, as we (women) are intellectually equipped to lead from the front. Also, make sure to surround yourself with influential and motivating people to challenge you and show unconditional support. Your circle plays a major role in determining your outlook towards whatever business you are doing and guides you on the path to success,” said Taylor.   

Being an entrepreneur and a mother, Taylor has a lot on her plate as well, and as the common saying goes, she also believes that even therapists need someone to talk to. She boasts of a strong support system that reminds her to take a step back and ease into things and guides her to navigate the challenges that life throws her way. Her biggest learning as an entrepreneur, she says, “has been to never neglect self-care and self-identity,” which rank on the same plane as her other roles in life.   

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