The Female Founder of a Beauty Brand, AcARRE

The Female Founder of a Beauty Brand, AcARRE

Tracey Kearse is the CEO and founder of AcARRE , a natural beauty brand for women worldwide. She graduated from Hampton University with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and has worked in marketing and product development for over 15 years. In an interview with WomELLE, Kearse shared her experience while building and getting started with the AcARRE.

The Story

When Kearse was younger, she used to watch the soap opera “The Young and the Restless” with her grandmother. She notices a fragrance chemist in an episode, and she thought it would be such an excellent job to have. Kearse asked her dad how she could get a job as a fragrance chemist. He suggested she should do a degree in chemical engineering. So, she did the degree, and after graduation, she started her first job as a cosmetic chemist.

Once, a friend and Kearse’s sister approached Kearse about a product that they could use for their scalp and skin. At that time, Kearse was working with a skin and hair care company. Her friend’s and sister’s inquiries made her come up with a product that could be used for both hair and skin — a product with multiple uses. Being a chemical engineer, Kearse uses natural ingredients for a minimalist lifestyle and then decided to open her own company, and soon, AcARRE was founded.

The Company

The brand ‘AcARRE’ is inspired by the African and Pacific Islander ancestry that used the natural ingredients in their time, such as Kalahari melon seed oil, Baobab oil, and Rosehip fruit oil. All the ingredients are crafted in sync with one another that people can use effortlessly in their daily routine. The company makes the Bioactive Dry Oil in small batches to ensure that each batch is made with superior quality. The company sells an experience to the customers and not just a product.  

The brand holds the commitment of providing a good quality product that enhances the experience of the consumers. It supports a fair business relation, respects the ingredients’ culture and historical importance, and sustains the cultivation of biodiversity.

The story behind the name of the company is fascinating. The name is pronounced ‘Ah-care.’ She used the fourth letter from the elder sister’s name, her own name (Tracey), younger sister’s name, little brother’s name, niece’s name, and nephew’s name. The fourth letter of all the names was combined and formed ‘AcARRE.’ 

AcARRE is different from the other beauty brands out there in the market. It provides a minimalist experience to the customers for being able to use the product for multiple purposes. You can use the product to rejuvenate, moisturize, and nourish your scalp, hair, and skin.

The multi-use bio-oil helps your skin to lock in moisture for a longer time. The best part is that you can apply the oil in the morning or at night, as per your needs and schedule. Two drops are enough for a whole day. The products also fight dullness, hyperpigmentation, and eczema. It also helps in acne-prone face types.  

Isn’t that a relief for all the people who want to take care of their skin but don’t get around to it due to busy schedules and work timings? You can use two drops on your palm, gently massage it, and apply it to your face or skin.

What’s Next?

Kearse is also adding a new range of products to her collection soon. However, she wants to give proper time and dedication to creating more products for the customers. Kearse will also launch a gua sha tool for microcirculation, contouring, and lymphatic drainage. The team is also working on a mask which will be launched soon. In addition, she is working on the brand ambassador program by collaborating with other brands and companies.

You might have questions, like how the product can help you and how you can incorporate it into your daily skin routine. The bio-active ingredients of the product help your skin with better absorption. The product’s formula includes all the vital elements that your skin, hair, and scalp require. It helps to rebalance the skin microbiome and skin improvement. It further brightens, soothes, and smooths both the skin and scalp.   

Kearse Best Advice

The best advice to the young female founders by Kearse is to keep going. She said, “there will be times where you doubt yourself and think about why you’re doing this, but just keep going. Your idea is unique and different from what’s in the market, so keep pushing through, and you will make it.”

We had a blast interviewing Tracey Kearse to help other women and share her founder journey with you. AcARRE is not limited to just adults or women. All men, women, and kids can use the product because it’s safe and made from natural ingredients that do not harm the skin or hair.

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