The Mindset Needed to be Respected in The Workplace

The Mindset Needed to be Respected in The Workplace

When working with other people, especially as their leader, it can be difficult to get everyone to like and respect you. Owing to the competition, animosity can develop between yourself and a co-worker. Alternatively, if you are in a leadership position, it can become very easy to be someone who isn’t liked, let alone respected by those working under them. There is no doubt that being a leader is difficult. Often, bosses are normal human beings just like everyone else, but just because they must make unpleasant decisions sometimes, they aren’t respected.  

Gaining respect in the workplace, regardless of if you are in a leadership position or not can be tough. Developing the right mindset, needed to be someone that others can respect is important, and here are some tips to help you do just that.

Give respect to others, even if they are your juniors 

If you want respect, you must learn to give it. Often, one of the obvious traits of someone who should be respected is someone who gives respect to those he doesn’t really need to, such as the janitor or the cleaners.  

As you climb up the ladder in your workplace, you might start forgetting what it was like when you were at a junior position. Some bosses feel as if humiliation is the best method to employ when trying to get someone to better their performance. However, the only thing this achieves is bringing the other person’s self-esteem down and gaining an enemy.  

Learn to respect others, even when respect isn’t due sometimes. When you do so, those people who don’t even like you that much might be forced to start giving you respect.  

Respect yourself  

While giving others respect is essential, respecting yourself is equally important. A person who doesn’t have confidence in themselves and has low self-esteem can never really command another people’s respect.  

Start telling yourself that you deserve to be in the position that you are in and are qualified to make the correct decisions when the time comes. When you show confidence in yourself, others are bound to follow. Women in the workplace are often belittled, being told that their contribution isn’t enough and doesn’t even come close to that of their male colleagues.  

In the face of such an attitude, it becomes difficult to keep believing yourself, and doubting yourself is natural. However, at times such as these, it becomes even more important to behave confidently and to show everyone that you aren’t asking for respect, but that you demand it.  

Admit when you are wrong and be open to suggestions  

Another way to get people to respect you is to admit your faults and apologize when you have done something wrong. This can be difficult, especially when you are a leader and want to set an example for others but when you start admitting to the mistakes you make, other people appreciate you more for doing so. When you admit your mistake, others realize that you aren’t arrogant nor are you plagued with self-doubt, making them respect you.  

You should also always be willing to ask for help from others, even if you are more experienced than the others around you. In the workplace, everyone is always learning, and it is important to realize that. When you ask for help, it shows your humility and those who work with you will develop a natural respect for you.  

Don’t lie or cheat  

Of course, this goes without saying but mentioning it here is essential to drive the point home. You might not indulge in fraud or embezzlement and other such major crimes, but you might tell small lies to show yourself in a better light, take credit for the work of others, or spread gossip about others. Indulging in activities that aren’t morally correct is the sure-shot way of losing any respect you ever had in the workplace.  

It is essential to realize that even small transgressions can discolor you in the eyes of others. Doing something like coming late repeatedly for no sound reason or having double standards will display an unscrupulous attitude and once this happens, it can become very difficult to gain people’s respect.

Separate your personal and professional lives  

The modern era which we live in has made it quite difficult to live a private life especially with the popularity of social media but, it is still possible to maintain a line between your personal and professional life.  

From telling people in the office detailed accounts of your life to getting drunk at office parties and getting involved with your colleagues- all of these can totally change the way your colleagues perceive you. Once they know what goes on in your personal life, getting them to give you the same degree of respect as before becomes difficult.  

This is because a certain degree of familiarity develops, and you might not be able to command the respect which once came so easily to you.  

Help others out even the people you don’t like  

Being part of an organization asks for you to be willing to work as part of a team. This means you need to help everyone out. Not only is this your responsibility, but it also helps garner respect from others. When you see someone struggling, instead of bringing them down or watching them fail, you can reach out and help them within your limits.  

One thing which really makes people respect you is when you are good to the people you don’t like or who don’t like you. When others see your superior behavior, they cannot help but be impressed thus earning respect from them.  

As a woman, it can become even more difficult to gain respect, and doing so can be tiresome. However, you must not give up as the end result will always be worth more than the disapproval of those who discouraged you. Follow the steps listed above and you are bound to evoke feelings of respect in those around you.  

Luci McMonagle

Luci McMonagle

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