The Top 25 Powerful Women To Follow For Women’s History Month

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Work-life balance. Raising children and having a successful career. Challenges in various leadership roles. Gender inequalities. Lack of inclusivity and diversity. These are only a portion of the difficulties women face daily around the globe. 

In our list of Powerful Women, we gathered many stories worth listening to and learning from. These women are true role models, and they all share a common thing: giving back to the community. They support minorities, help fight against abuse, coach and mentor entrepreneurs, and empower women to stand up for themselves and follow their dreams.

We all can learn from these ladies, who dedicated their lives to pursuing their passions and believe in lifelong learning.  They teach us to ask for help when we need it because more and more communities and organizations are out there to support, enable, and educate. 

The stories of these wonderful women on our list are not about sheer success – they are about failing and standing up, coping with challenges from health issues to poor background, getting up and becoming an authentic self, an empowered woman capable of anything.

Naghilia Desravines and Margo Lovett

Check out our list of 25 Powerful Women to Follow for Women’s History Month. 

  1. President Virginia W. Harris – Retired public service leader Virginia W. Harris is the national president of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, a non-governmental organization aiding black girls and women in gender equality challenges. 
  2. Mary Crafts – One of today’s hottest topics is how organization management is passed from one generation to another. Mary Crafts’s catering empire is an excellent example of a successful handover.
  3. Krisstina Wise – After recovering from a severe health issue and rebuilding her life, Krisstina Wise is focused on passing on her first-hand experience in gaining wealth and financial health.   
  4. Carmen Lundy – Jazz and acting, an excellent combination of expressive arts, describe her inspiring, multi-awarded career. After 120 published songs, she turned to other forms of art and became a successful painter.  
  5. Margo Lovett – After 26 years of working for others, Margo Lovett decided to make her dream come true and launched a podcast about successful women to gift inspiration to others. 
  6. Jeanette Bronée – After losing her parents to cancer, she quit her job to pursue a stress-less life. She is coaching business leaders on how to build company culture without employees burning out. 
  7. Ursula Garett – Being a mother of 5 children, Ursula Garett is the role model of having a successful entrepreneurial career while also living a healthy family life.
  8. Na’ilah Amaru – Dedicating her life to public service, she supports underserved communities on the right platforms. As an Army Veteran, she is an advocate of women in leadership roles and minority rights.  
  9. Janie Payne – With a career in Human Resources at private, federal, and not-for-profit organizations, Janie Payne is one of the world’s best-known experts in practical diversity policies.
  10. Laura McNeill – From being a CBS reporter, Laura McNeill changed her career to writing thriller and romance novels. She is a role model of how well pursuing your dreams can turn out.
  11. Tracie L. James – As a successful entrepreneur herself, Tracie L. James decided to give back to the community by mentoring and coaching solopreneurs. She shares her unique approach in-person and through her books. 
  12. Dawn Lieck – Supporting women in changing their own lives by discovering their inner strengths, Dawn Lieck provides tools for her international audience for an enhanced self-realization journey.
  13. Adrienne Obey – Adrienne Igo changed her name to show the world nothing is impossible. Being a serial entrepreneur, she has built up ventures from recruitment to astrology.  
  14. Maggie Georgopoulos – Being a force of change, Maggie Georgopoulos became an evangelist of the importance of workplace mental health. She has supported more than 10,000 women to achieve their career goals. 
  15. Charlotte Elizabeth Terrell – Her three books, agency, and companies are all dedicated to her passion: helping people find their self-confidence and the positive impact they can make within their own environment. 
  16. Deborah Bishop – She supports women on and off-stage to heal from mental and sexual abuse and find a healthy balance in their lives through spiritual means. 
  17. Aruna Krishnan – Contradicting common belief about management consultants, Aruna Krishnan aids business leaders to inject positive energy into their organization and be successful by offering the right kind of products and services.
  18. Trina Ramsey – Trina Ramsey supports women over 40 to ‘own their worth’ and stand up for themselves. She turned her tragic youth into empowerment to aid, making her a fantastic role model.
  19. Sharon Ringiér – Even the impossible says, “I’m possible.” She never gave up her dreams, became an expert in the wedding industry, and is now building a community to support women in business. 
  20. Dr. Stephanie Atkinson-Alston – A professional coach who started her career in US Military training and education. Through her unique approach and set of skills, she empowers clients and audiences to grow.  
  21. Dr. Sharon H. Porter – As a serial entrepreneur, educator, author, and podcaster, Dr. Sharon Porter helps developing one of the most vital skills of a successful entrepreneur – networking.
  22. Mary Hazward Fernandez – Through her organization, Women of Help and Influence, she aids women in gaining courage and confidence to start their own journey. 
  23. Auguste Marie Crenshaw – Self-confidence is often difficult to find; that is why Auguste Marie Crenshaw invented the ‘non-excuse-driven woman’ methodology to help black women to achieve their life goals. 
  24. Kearn Crockett Cherry – Being a real collaborator, Kearn Crockett Cherry seizes every possible opportunity to help the community. She participates in the work of numerous boards and is an expert in organizing events. 
  25. Monica Glenny – She has over 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience, including 15 years as an outside Director of Rockford Bank & Trust. Monica Glenny believes in Mary Kay Inc.’s mission to enriching the lives of women and their families around the world for a better future.

The above exceptional women are moving mountains and making the impossible happen on a daily basis. Check out their stories, learn from them, and translate the conclusions onto your life. The key is to understand the key takeaways for you because that differs for all of us. Make your own dreams come true!

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