Tiffanie Jackson - Giving Personality to Brands

Tiffanie Jackson - Giving Personality to Brands

Tiffanie Jackson, a poet, make-up artist, and CEO of CopyFoxx, a marketing agency, engages in personality-driven copywriting for self-care brands that are ready for the next level in their venture. Due to her affinity with make-up, she predominantly works with beauty brands. Finding a creative outlet in her work as a certified make-up artist, she founded CopyFoxx, which works with women of color, influencers, coaches, and other professionals who are in businesses that derive from their personalities when it comes to telling prospective clients about their brand, services, or profession. Some of the clients that Tiffanie has helped build a brand identity have been featured in various media outlets, including Cosmopolitan, Olay, and Woman's Day.

 CopyFoxx offers:

  • serial course-taking, selective mentorship, and constant practice and implementation to craft marketing copies for brands
  • perform market research and build a strategy to attract and connect with your audience to create a content that is ready-to-buy
  • crafting copies that can generate enough revenues
  • Listen to this podcast episode to learn more about Tiffanie and her unique journey.   

Today you will learn about:  

  • Tiffanie's journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship  
  • How she helps brands get an identity  
  • Her approach to knowing the clients inside-out  
  • Advice to future women entrepreneurs  

Key takeaways:  

  • Marketing is a key aspect of brand building  
  • Creativity with results is key  
  • Be your own authentic self to succeed  

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