Tina Bakehouse: Empowering Others Through Public Speaking and Storytelling with Magnetic Influence

Tina Bakehouse: Empowering Others Through Public Speaking and Storytelling with Magnetic Influence

The impact of storytelling in communication has been well-documented throughout history, with ancient civilizations using oral narratives to pass down knowledge and values from one generation to another. Tina Bakehouse's journey into the world of public speaking and storytelling began with a childhood fascination for Jim Henson's Muppets and a love for Walt Disney's creativity. As she grew older, Tina discovered the power of story and the spoken word through speech teams, community theatre, and church performances. This affinity for storytelling and communication is supported by research showing that stories are an effective way to engage an audience, create emotional connections, and improve information retention.  

Tina is a public speaking and storytelling consultant and coach, who has spent her life building up her skills in communication, improvisation, and theatre. After various positions in education, community development, and financial literacy, Tina found her true calling in helping others find their voices and share their stories.   

Driven by her passion, Tina pursued communication studies and went on to teach high school English, further developing her skills in language and communication. Eventually, her journey led her to teaching in the Communication Studies Department and creating a Communication Center at Creighton University, a private Jesuit university recognized for its academic excellence and commitment to community service. At the Communication Center, Tina utilized her expertise to help students enhance their speaking abilities, a critical skill for success in the 21st century, as highlighted by the World Economic Forum. In 2021 , Tina founded Tina B. LLC, a speaking and storytelling consulting company, and she hasn't looked back since.  

Empowering Your Inner Speaker  

Tina B. LLC is a public speaking and storytelling consulting and coaching company that has been helping heart-centered professionals. The company offers keynotes, TEDx speeches, and stories to improve communication, collaboration, and company culture. The company also provides a three- and six-month communication consulting and coaching program called The Magnetic Speaker Blueprint, transformational coaching and strategies to help clients have the presence they need to anchor in their confidence and present with clarity. In addition to coaching programs and 1-on-1 consulting, Tina B. LLC facilitates powerful workshops virtually, at the client's organization, or at her farm, Maple Edge Farm. The company also leads strategic round tables focusing on communication goals and vision plans for organizations.  

Theatre Training and Improvisation Techniques for Coaching  

Tina's background in theatre has proven to be invaluable for her coaching and consulting work. Her theatre education teaches stage presence, building on inner confidence and the ability to project voice and body in a meaningful way. Tina also incorporates her improvisation training to help clients communicate from the heart and get out of their heads. Her creative background in directing has allowed her to connect with clients individually, understanding that one strategy may not work for all clients. By using techniques from theatre training, Tina helps her clients create a mood and tone that can make the greatest impact on any stage.  

The Power of Storytelling: TEDx Speaker and Coach  

Tina's experience as a TEDx speaker and coach has been a rewarding journey. She understands the rigorous process of creating and presenting a TED talk and recognizes the importance of sharing our ideas with the world. Coaching others to land a talk is even more rewarding for Tina. Watching clients stretch, grow, and evolve their ideas, then deliver them passionately, is the ultimate reward. Tina believes in the magic of storytelling, which can transport our heads to our hearts and make us more human.  

The Power of Following Your Heart  

For Tina, her biggest driving force is her heart. When she leans into her heart with full trust, beautiful magic happens. It was her heart that pushed her to start her own business, connect with clients at a deeper level, and write a book called "Discovering Our Magnetic Speaker Within," which is set to be published this fall.   

Tina's advice for women who want to get into entrepreneurship is simple: do it. Tune into the skills you possess and ask yourself if this is your passion and if it's fun for you. It's crucial to link what you do to your "why" and know that you have something to contribute to the world. Let go of the fear and lean into your faith. Finally, go out and create.  

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